Tuesday, January 5, 2010

RE: Spoken by someone who has no clue about skepticism and critical thinking.

EncinoM wrote:

"Occam Razor's alone disproves the truthiness movement"

No it doesn't.

Occam Razor's disproves the government's coincidence version, where not 1 but 4 planes were coincidentally hijacked, where standard operating procedures on the ground coincidentally were not followed, where investigations into the patsy hijackers were coincidentally foiled pre-9/11 by superiors, where multiple military exercises coincidentally were in progress to confuse matters, where plane impacts coincidentally PULVERIZE not just three towers but almost the entire WTC complex, where a plane coincidentally hits the Pentagon in the only wing with relatively few occupants due to renovation and the primary occupant being coincidentally almost the entirety of the group of the Office of Naval Intelligence that was coincidentally investigating Bush I, where WTC-7 and other WTC buildings coincidentally housed important SEC and other investigative records into major crimes of the day (e.g., Enron), where the goals of the PNAC agenda could be coincidentally obtained, where the PULVERIZATION of WTC-1, 2, and 7 coincidentally had energy requirements beyond what fires and gravity can account for, where WTC-7 coincidentally had significant collapse stages of NIST-measured-&-reported free-fall, where WTC-7 really did fall "neatly" into its own footprint, ...

EncinoM wrote:

"nor has any of the "experiments" or evidence of the truthiness movement has been independenitly confirmed."

Nor has any of the "experiments", simulations, or evidence of the government's 9/11 coincidence movement been independently confirmed, because coincidentally much evidence was destroyed, coincidentally simulation programs that gave "plausible" explanations have not released, and coincidentally committees and agencies charged with getting to the root of the matter had their investigation scopes limited and channeled to cover for the government's coincidence version.

EncinoM wrote:

"The truthiness movement is not about critical thinking, it is about paranoia, and those that have found away to profit from the paranoia of others."

You're on the wrong side of this. The government's coincidence theory is what is all about paranoia -- fear Afghanistan, fear Iraq, fear Muslims, fear terrorism, if you don't, you aren't a patriot and are un-American.

And if you want to start pointing the finger at who profited from the paranoia of others, most in the 9/11 Truth Movement lost money (jobs, and livelihood); money certainly isn't being made hand-over-fist.

On the other hand, look at the government, the military industrial complex, the contractors and war profiteers sent overseas, homeland security, TSA, and all in the security industry from airport scanners to surveillance video cameras. Who has profited from the paranoia of others?

What's the going rate in NSA's Q group for a posting like yours?