Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When you wish upon a...

Slurring together Q-dip's words: "Take away the psuedo science of Steve Jones (& nano-thermite or other exotic explosives) and the entire house of 9/11-was-an-inside-job cards falls."

You wish. You wish for too many things in your wishful words that label things "psuedo-science" and tries to take nano-thermite (or other exotic explosives) away.

And were we to make your wish come true, you'd see that 9/11 truth still stands and isn't a house of cards. Why? Because what we're left with is massive energy sinks that can't be accounted for by fires & Sir Isaac Newton or Bush's lackey's at NIST and spin-meisters from NSA's Q group. And, as Crazy H brings up, conventional explosives can still account for it.

Challenged Gage or bullied him? You use your word, I'll use mine. Gage came to the table with one area of expertise, one area of research, one (massive) 9/11 smoking gun: namely the improbable collapses of the 3 towers.

What did Kim repeatedly do? Tries to derail him into speculation (like the Osama bin Laden tape, who did 9/11, Pentagon), into defending the entirety of views of other 9/11 truthers ("Loose Change"), and to get him off of his area of expertise that she herself can't speak to. Hit-and-run, skip between topics, keep him on topics that favor her rather than him, get him off of his game. R-iiiiight; Kim had no agenda there, and GuitarBill has a bridge in Florida to sell you.

Ya know, you Q-dips might have more credibility if you didn't run in congratulatory packs, if you didn't clomp on to any-and-all 9/11 discussions with the same talking points, if you deviated from the government's line (lie), if you could admit to there being issues with the entire package, if you could ignore the 9/11 triggers picked up by the NSA computers now and then, and if you could prove yourself to be more human rather than teams following the play-book.

You know, like maybe if you prefaced all of your 9/11 postings with: "I have issues with the official 9/11 story and am one that believes in having an new independent investigation. That being said, I take issue with [some truther point] because..." Then maybe one day you could enlighten us with the things about the official 9/11 version that disturb you. But, as the archives prove, to always be consistently on one side (the guvment's) repeating the same lies... The Q group gets an other letter: "F".