Thursday, October 7, 2010

Strobe Lights of Others

When we as a species take a few dozen steps back to view from afar the irrationality of our ways in the poisons both overt and covert we create for consumption or contamination, in the weapons we horde, and in our unfriendly actions toward ourselves, our animals, and our things, we might rend our minds open to other logical - although mired in disinformation and secrecy - explanations for this self-destruction.

The stock-piling of nuclear weapons has never been about the great threat of brothers and sisters in distant lands wanting what we have. It has been military paranoia regarding our distant galaxy-cousins who visit us regularly with their superior technology and don't want our nuclear arsenals used on them and in effect to the extermination of ourselves.

Those who profess belief in UFO's have been marginalized and ridiculed by government design to the point where people avoid the topic, the research, the discussion, etc.

A yet to be proven (by me) hypothesis by an underground author is that our planet is of interest to two types of galaxy-cousins. One type has been quarantined on our planet, may have had a hand in our genetic make-up, and from ancient times uses nations to advance technology to enable their escape. The other type maintains the quarantine, has bases on the moons, visits us regularly, and has been known to disable nuclear arsenals.

I do not know. What I do know is that irrational government policies take on a degree of logic when perceived, not in the dim light of serving our communities and ourselves that we expect, but in a strobe-light that doesn't reveal every fluid action, every step, every player, every motive.

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