Friday, March 11, 2011

Dr. Judy Wood and The Mister Honorific Banishment

{My "Herr der Elf" avatar was banned from Let's Roll Forum in the middle of a thread on Dr. Judy Wood's new textbook. Yes, I was recommending her book and was defending it, but not to the point where I was agreeing with everything within it. I was data mining it for nuggets of truth to support my contention that 9/11 was a nuclear event. Lots of things are funny about that thread, like how Dr. Wood's detractors did so without the benefit of owning or opening her textbook to give an objective analysis and point out its errors. It is particularly silly that the reason for my banishment stems from addressing the LRF admin as "Mr. Jayhan", which ought to be a perfectly acceptable honorific based on his avatar name. Even more hysterical is that he warned me and then promptly banned me without any subsequent instances of my transgression into addressing him as "Mr. Jayhan." I can only suppose that he could see where I was heading with mining useful information from Dr. Wood and applying it to milli-nukes, and that this would logically prove hollow his "hollow towers" premise. Below is my off-list email to Mr. Jayhan to reconsider his silly actions.}

Here is a brief summary of the sequence leading up to my LRF banishment: