Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stars align in 2011 for your 9/11 activism

{With tongue somewhat in cheek.}
If individuals were in need of an occult or astrological sign for finally doing some of their own 9/11 activism this year (2011), consider this.

Not only does this year have the date 9/11/11 (10-year) anniversary, but it is filled with other significant dates like: 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, and 11/11/11. Lots of strings of 1's in those dates. Plus dates like 2/11/11, 3/11/11, 4/11/11, 5/11/11, 6/11/11, 7/11/11, 8/11/11, 10/11/11, and 12/11/11 also have more groupings of 1's to get you thinking about the significance of eleven's and one's in this particular year.

More importantly and why it matters to you personally like stars aligning, do the simple math. Take the two-digit year of your birth and add the age you will be this year. You will get either 111 or 11, whereby both are more strings of coincidental 1's but with the latter being shorted by a 100, because they were the unfortunate who were born in this century and will be paying for 9/11/01 still, one way or another, when they reach adulthood.

Elenin Data From NASA

Sep 11, 2011 Elenin 0.482 AU from Sun (closest point)
Sep 27, 2011 Elenin 0.396 AU from Earth, 0.607 AU from Sun; Elenin between Sun & Earth
Oct 17 2011 Elenin 0.232 AU from Earth (closest point)
Nov 5, 2011 Elenin 0.348 AU from Earth but Earth crosses Elenin tail
Nov 11, 1011 Elenin 0.42 AU from Earth and Earth finishing crossing tail

1 Earth radius is about 7,920 miles.
1 AU is 93 million miles.
0.15 AU is close to 14 million miles.
14 million miles is almost 1,768 Earth radii.
15 Earth radii is 118,800 miles. That's about half way to the Moon.

If the comet gets 14 million miles from Earth, that would be almost 59 times the distance to the moon.

On Sep 27 Elenin will transit between the Sun and the Earth and its ion tail will be pointed straight at us. It will also be new Moon, meaning the Sun, Elenin, Moon, and Earth will be aligned (with Uranus behind Earth and Mercury and Venus out of the way on the other side of the Sun. If any of you believe in cosmic thunderbolts, this might be an interesting time. Strong electromagnetic disturbance is possible, as is damage to electronics and power grids.

The light of the Sun might be scattered by the coma and the dust tail of the comet, making the Sun look diffused and the sky darker. It is possible in these conditions that the new Moon could be visible, as a black Moon.

Then around closest approach Oct 17, Earth should begin to go through the dust tail, creating significant meteor showers (and remember, all the lights might have fried on Sep 27). The meteor shower would peak around Nov 3, when Earth crosses the path of Elenin. 

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