Thursday, August 11, 2011

Informed Speculation

The following is an exchange with a 9/11 Truther who supports nuking of the towers.

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Bruecke : Informed Speculation

July 27, 2011

Dear Dr. Ward, I know nothing about 9/11 definitely, so take this more as "informed speculation." I read Dr. Wood's textbook and discovered that her case for directed energy weapons is better than the case I had been championing for milli-nukes. However, even DEW needs an energy source: cold-fusion, fusion-triggered fission, Tesla-hurricanes...? The remnants from the DEW energy source could give off the same clues as milli-nukes, while avoiding some issues like seismic signatures, uncontrollable blast wave, heat wave, etc. The copious amounts of unburnt paper is a clue to me that milli-nukes might not have been used on the towers. I wouldn't go so far as to say WTC-7 was demolished using conventional techniques. On this matter we can probably rely on Dr. Shyam Sunder who confidently debunked conventional explosives because it lacked the appropriate audio/decibel signature. Weak? For sure, but Dr. Sunder would not have used it if he didn't know that the true cause was something else. As for WTC-6 and its big bad-ass crater? Could have been a milli-nuke, which might explain the anomalous side-effects that affected vehicles on that street perpendicular to it and next to the WTC-7. But I'm also leaving the door open for space-based DEW to have made the crater as well as the cylindrical bore-holes in WTC-5 and cut the WTC-4 main edifice down at a line with the WTC-4 North wing. A few devices within the towers probably brought them down. Remember the "spire" that stood for a few seconds after the tower around it was pulverized or peeled off? Would have been ideal to plant a DEW device pointing up and other pointing down and timed appropriately. DEW microwaved the water molecules trapped in content, turned it into steam, which then expanded its volume to tear apart the content (e.g., drywall, concrete, humans). Explains the copious amounts of pulverized dust exhibited in the destruction from the earliest phases; why paper wasn't affected; why the interior side of the exterior walls were so "clean" of drywall and paint; ... The evidence presented in Dr. Wood's textbook needs to be addressed by whatever is the theory of the day. According to her, seismic evidence debunks nukes. My understanding morphs and waffles.