Friday, August 21, 2009

Finding the trigger and GuitarBill's opposite day


You wanted a trigger to what set off disinformation warrior, GuitarBill?

I think it is anything that could send Cheney or any significant members of the Bush Administration to the execution chamber.

The disinformation link is worth reading when you get a chance.

Here are some keys to the motivation behind GuitarBill's postings and smears:

- Note the time stamps! For him to collect the most on his per-posting paycheck once a trigger has fired, he must respond within 30 minutes.

- Note the subject! GuitarBill must discredit his opponents as quickly as possible. If a reader is reading in threaded mode, the label or insult must appear in the subject. All the more so when multiple people are posting (across articles), which then causes the body of his posting to be neglected into a cut-and-paste re-hash or more juvenile insults.

- Note the subject again! When he starts calling you a liar, it really means "GuitarBill's opposite day"! You're telling the truth, and GuitarBill is lying. GuitarBill is skilled at taking his weaknesses and applying them to others; when they recognize the failings as his own and point that out, they'll then get flamed for the unoriginality in trying to re-purpose the weakness back to GuitarBill.

- I'm all for providing quotations, references, and links. GuitarBill calls that quote-mining, which he himself is guilty of. However, when GuitarBill calls out for "evidence to support such accusations," keep in mind that he's really just creating busy work for you that he won't read or consider and breathing room for himself as he awaits your response.

- Many of his "prove it" taunts are also framed uniquely, to say the least. That can be a clue to his dishonest intentions.

P.S. GuitarBill and EncinoM have tag-teamed me in the past on the subject of 9/11.

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