Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where, oh, where did my [9/11 Truth Movement] go?

Bureaucracy has a massive strength that individuals do not: time. They can wait longer than any living individual by design so that the individual will give up or die.

Today, almost 8 years after 9/11/2001, the government with the help of corporate media has nearly run out the clock in the public's short attention span of the event. For what attention the public could muster, what lingers is the labeling of outside inquiries and analysis of 9/11 as "kooky," "looney," and "crazy." Your label 9/11 Truthiness says much about your position and motives.

If you haven't been paying attention, serious news has been in a death spiral for a very long time (predating the world wide web.) Corporate media consolidations and "cost cutting efforts" depleted the staff in the area of investigation and analysis, which further helps the agendas of both government and corporate media. But then along came the web, where to remain competitive and relevant meant bleeding themselves by giving away for free the content that previously had to be paid-for.

Serious, weighty news is always in competition with the frivolous. Much of the frivolous is enhanced and manufactured, partly because corporate media knows that it is human nature to rubber-neck gawk at accidents & starlets (and other odd things) which brings eyes to their advertisers, so they milk the public's attention while they can. And partly because corporate media is not in a vacuum with respect to government, meaning that both need to curry favors from the other. Combine the two, and you'll observe the "tragedy" of some public persona get overhyped and overplayed particularly if a government scandal has been exposed at about the same time.

Unless they are banging the drums of war or wanting more investment into national security, both the government and corporate media want us to believe that 9/11/2001 discussion has exceeded its "sell-by" date and is no longer relevant to the public's short attention span.

They'd be wrong.

War crimes and murder don't have any time limitations on filing charges.

Much to the chagrin of corporate media, their vast line-up of specialty cable channels and programming demonstrates that there is an attentive audience for anything (channels for old television programs, for kids, for history, for cartoons, for cooking, for music, for news... and even for the proceedings in the Senate and House of Representatives, that are surprisingly well received.)

The Nixon Watergate show, Iran-Contra show, the Clinton-Lewinsky show, etc. proves that televised government scandals can be ratings makers.

Government doesn't want to hear that, which is why it would appear that they get people like you to plant the seeds that 9/11 is a dead issue that no one cares about anymore, a "strategic deception operation" in and of itself, no? "Where are the 9/11 protests?"

9/11 TruthSayers are tired. They are tired of being stomped on, of being marginalized, of ignored, of being attacked with disinformation.

However, 9/11 lies won't go away. They will be exposed. Truth, being a divine attribute, has even more patience than the massive amounts of time that bureaucracies enjoy.

It might take our grandchildren plowing through the newly unsealed archives of the Bush I & II Administrations. And when that day comes, will our contributions to the contemporary database archives of sites like this bring them pride or shame?

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