Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The WTC 7 did too fall at free fall rates.

Here's GuitarBill trying to get out of a speeding ticket.


Officer: Do you know how fast you were going?

GB: Look, Officer. I have right here a receipt from McDonalds in town X with a time stamp of exactly 1 hour ago. Town X is 60 miles from here on this interstate highway. Therefore, I was only going 60 miles an hour.

Officer: Is that your final answer, because I was on your bumper going 90 for at least a quarter mile before you noticed me?

GB: This receipt proves it.

Officer: Okay, I'll be happy to take that receipt as evidence.

GB: Hey, how come you're still writing me up a ticket?

Officer: Several actually. Between here and town X are four construction zones each about 5 miles long and each with reduced speed limits of 30 mph. So, driving 60 miles an hour as you claim, then you've got four tickets with fines doubled for speeding through those four construction zones...

GB: I didn't speed through those zones.

Officer: In which case to make up the time to travel this distance in an hour, you'd have to travel 120 mph in the five non-construction zone areas. Should have shut up when you had the chance of a single 90 mph speeding ticket. What do you know? With this handy receipt, I can work the numbers that has you speeding both in construction and non-construction zones. Let's run the numbers on the speeds to maximize my police department's revenue.


So here we have the evidence, not just of 9/11 being an inside job, but of you, dear Mr. Bill -- Oh, No! Mr. Bill!!! -- being a liar and 9/11 government troll paid to spread disinformation.

Why didn't you copy-and-paste the quote I asked you to? You did it all the time before. Was it because that's the smoking gun that your disinformation handlers no longer allow you to bring up because you've screwed the pooch on it?

And why didn't you answer the questions?

Why couldn't you step out of your little iddy-biddy box to consider the questions about the ramifications of free-fall in WTC-7 and in the overall political context of 9/11 even as a hypothetical? How many times have I asked you?

Just like apologies aren't in your vocabulary, neither are deviations from the NWO talking points.

Why didn't NIST label the collapse of the east penthouse Stage 0A and Stage 0B? [Stage 0A was penthouse (1 story) that fell at gravitational acceleration and was followed by a long Stage 0B where nothing was observed falling on the external structure.] Or if they were so important and would have given such a really long collapse time, why weren't all stages re-indexed with the east penthouse becoming Stage 1?

Because NIST didn't want to point out that the very first stage high up in the building far from any fires fell for no reason and in free-fall. They didn't want to highlight the penthouse at all, because in any other recorded controlled demolition, collapsing penthouses in the earliest of stages followed by a lull (Stage 0B) is an indication of explosives taking out underlying infrastructure.

Geez, NIST had it bad enough that the three stages they did identify had stage 2 glaring at them with 8 stories of free-fall. Why couldn't you stick with their weasel-words that said the first 18 stories of collapse (not including the penthouse) happened at 40% greater than gravitational acceleration?

So, Mr. Bill, you're wandering off script and into stupid waters with the east penthouse.

I'll concede that your math might be correct, but your conclusions and analysis are purposely misleading, false, and meaningless. You prove yourself the liar.

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