Tuesday, October 13, 2009

[CompulsiveLiar] GuitarBill, an untouchable government semaphore for Truth

Yes, if Mr. Bill worked for AlterNet, then I suppose his goal would be to gore participants into discussion. The more discussion, even if a flame war, the larger the numbers that AlterNet can boast to its advertisers. Of course, Mr. Bill could prompt people into discussion in less offensive ways. If he were an AlterNet employee, I can't see why they would put up with it and all of the associated "Report this comment" messages.

Me? I could be wrong (and unlike Mr. Bill, I'll admit when I'm wrong and apologize), but a part of me still believes he's a government troll. Through his employer's hacking skills or connections/pressure on AlterNet, AlterNet can't get rid of him. A version of him will always come back. Better the devil you know than the one you don't. AlterNet puts up with his meddling, because he does inspire controversy with his flame wars that brings traffic to the site.

Mr. Bill's persistent existence on this site in the face of many of his opponents (PFGetty and CynicI) getting banned is for me a clue as to his (nearly) untouchable status. They posted information and links "uncomfortable" to those in power. When he got wound up, Mr. Bill would post the most unflattering, below-the-belt, ad hominem attacks, often right from the subject line to smear and discredit in the eyes of anyone as much as skimming the forum.

The topics that trigger Mr. Bill are another aspect to my suspicious: 9/11, Israel, and vaccinations come to mind.

Mr. Bill is intractable and never wrong. He can never be convinced of any questionable anomaly (of 9/11). He attacks each and every one that is brought up as if he has the definitive answer (to copy-and-paste), and lo and behold, it always agrees with the government's more benign version. There is nothing that can put a foot in the door of his closed-mind to let in a ray of sunshine that would be his "9/11 ah-ha moment."

Mr. Bill's supporting material have three problems. (1) Some are themselves dubious and more ad hominem mocking of 9/11 truth than factual. (2) Mr. Bill refuses to acknowledge the glaring holes in the reports of the agencies and commissions. (3) He knowingly chooses dubious aspects to purposely muddy the waters and kick sand in our eyes: disinformation.

Case in point of #3: Mr. Bill is always saying "WTC-7 did not happen at free-fall speeds; it happened in 16-18 seconds," which represents the overall collapse time of WTC-7. Yet the very NIST reports that he has quoted over a dozen times talks specifically of stage 2 of WTC-7's collapse -- 8 stories, 100+ feet -- that happened at free-fall. His supervisors won't let him think outside the box to answer the question regarding the ramifications of free-fall in any stage of any collapse of any WTC building on 9/11 or what those ramifications are in a larger geo-political context.

A real person can say they were wrong and "sorry." A real person can say "that point got me to thinking differently." A real person with a real job probably can't dedicate the time-suck that his postings here represent. The consequences to posting privileges and the inflicted emotional pain would temper a real person from posting (over and over):

"you anti-American, terrorist apologizing, conspiracy spewing, lying, degenerate piece of offal."

A real person has little to gain with alias-ASS-ociating jihads Prophit0=CynicI.

But don't take my word for it. Mr. Bill calls me a "Compulsive Liar" from the subject line to steer readers away from me. It makes Mr. Bill a semaphore for Truth, not for his words but their words in the postings he attacks.

OOoooh NOooo! Mr. Bill!!!

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