Thursday, November 5, 2009

Proof of GuitarBill's immorality and dishonesty

Mr. Bill,

Yes, in the aftermath of The Measure of a Man that continues today, your metal was tested and you failed.

Aside from other things that your multiple unwarranted postings painfully bring to light, you prove that you are immoral, dishonest, dispicable, underhanded, without conscience, cowardly, uncharitable, un-Christian, un-American...

"Writing under a pseudonym or pen name on political topics has a long and distinguished history going back to the Federalist Papers."
~ alaskanlibrarian

"People who blog anonymously have a moral responsibility not to abuse their privilege by making nasty personal attacks against others from behind the mask of anonymity."
~ Rod Dreber

You could have made your point off-list to the email address I published. Did you, as I requested? No.

What were you afraid of? That your true name would be exposed or that the domain for your email address contains, .gov, or .mil?

You insist on remaining anonymous and taking damaging public pot-shots against a real person without regards to decency or any sense of fair play.

Ironic that in this other 9/11 discussion, you railed against anonymity that you hide behind today.

FTR, I stand behind my pen name: Maxwell C. Bridges. I knew from my website's creation that it wasn't hidden from those with IT skills (or anyone with a badge and warrant). But those people adhere to internet etiquette about user privacy (despite having the means to circumvent this.) Pray that a correlation of your identity and online actions doesn't shoot your IT career in the foot.

I stand behind my words posted here to the point that I publish them on my website so they are available all at once (and might survive removal from AlterNet).

Where is your website or blog? Where do you prove that you stand behind both your GuitarBill alias and your words? Are your words worthy of being consolidated and read as a book?

Another FTR is that I did not accuse you of being all of those aliases on AlterNet. The list is just a list, except that many of the aliases have had tells in their postings that overlap with you, even if humorously (like "GuitarBilll" and "GuitarBill on"). Your quote-mining of me forgot to include the smiling emoticon.

As is your nature, if you want to twist that list into being an accusation, Mr. Bill, what is noteworthy in your much delayed weasel-worded response is that you have consistently still offered no denials.

Just like you offer no apologies (nor requests for removal of your outing postings), other than a big FUCK YOU.

Yes, Mr. Bill. There are indeed distinct differences between you and me.

I'm a real person.

You're a persona with zero regard for any consequences of your actions except that your pre-defined 9/11 coincidence agenda be carried out and that it win by any means.

Your one redeeming quality, albeit entirely by accident, is that you serve as a reliable Semaphore for 9/11 Truth, not for the words you write, but for the words in the postings you respond to. It might be time for honest seekers of truth to revisit Dr. Judy Wood just because you've marginalized her in the past.

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