Monday, November 9, 2009

What? Don't you stand by your words?

With regards to GuitarBill's order:

"Now, how about YOU do the honorable thing and remove my commentary--EVERY ASCII character--from your vanity website?

And that includes ALL references to "GuitarBill"."

As an act of good faith, there are now NO references to GuitarBill on my "vanity website" as far as I know. Correct me if I'm wrong. As such, eventually anyone googling "GuitarBill" in a search for you will probably only get hits on AlterNet. Your goal in making the request, right?

{Note: At the time, "GuitarBill" was replaced with "GeeBill". Since then, it was replaced back. Why? GuitarBill's words are public on AlterNet, which has much larger numbers of readers. Fair-use allows me to quote him on this website. In the cases where this website publishes GuitarBill's postings that he managed to get removed from AlterNet, we must first remember that they were initially public and we must secondly be amazed at the speed and efficiency of their removal from AlterNet's database.}

As for removing EVERY ASCII character of your commentary, are you saying that you do not stand by your words?

You'll have to enlighten me, but I fail to see what the issue is, why your request for removal, and what you hope to gain. If it really is just a "vanity website", what's the problem? I don't even track how many hits I get, but it is pathetic by any measure conceivable compared to AlterNet.

Moreover, you had no issues with me responding to your postings on AlterNet with the very same fair-use quotations from you. Hey-Suess Chronicles Volume 3: Semaphore for Truth is essentially identical information as what is already published on AlterNet, except that its format is different, it consolidates all of my postings, and it fixes minor errors here and there that I didn't see before posting on AlterNet.

There was nothing unethic or questionable about my fair-use quotations from you. I attribute your words to you fairly and link to the AlterNet source. The dual purpose of accurate fair-use quotations was (a) to prove that I was not putting words into anyone's mouth and (b) to inform the reader (or you) what point I was responding to from a previous posting.

Owing to (a) and (b) above, your request to remove all instances of legitimate fair-use quotations from you on my website cripples the readability and comprehension of my words. It would be like asking a preacher to re-publish all of his old Bible sermons but without any quotations from the Bible. It is obviously not something I will undertake lightly.

If there are specific entries in Volume 3 where you feel I have used too much fair-use quotation from you, point them out and I will see if I should make alterations.

As was already alluded to, 99.5% of Volume 3 was posted to AlterNet. Were I to deliberately cripple the readability and comprehension of Volume 3 on my website, because you didn't like your pseudonym's words appearing there, so what? You would still have the problem of my website legitimately linking to my valid postings on AlterNet where the full context of my words (my quotations from you, and your original postings) comes out.

The only way you could fix this problem would be to remove most of my entries from the AlterNet databases. Is that your plan? If it is, it just behooves me all the more to continue to preserve all of my words myself as I do now rather than trusting someone else's database to do it for me.