Thursday, November 5, 2009

You are double so nasty

Don't kid yourself, fuckhead. You are indeed as nasty (or nastier) as I say. Explain to your wife what you've done and see what she thinks.

If you were really trying to protect me or my family:

  • You would not have provided the instructions for the not-so-IT-savvy of the world to research me. You have no fucking clue of the damage you've done, asswipe!
  • You would not have exposed my last name or my email address. A first name would have sufficed, dickweed.
  • You could have contacted me off-list to get my goat.

In order for me to support ae911Truth with verified credentials as one who studied engineering (which is why I so easily exposed your fucking lies from your "advanced math degree and 3 years of college physics"), I had to register as me, not a pen-name.

Your exposure of that profile and associating it with my pen-name is deplorable! Absolutely no cause, no justification, no moral grounds!

Talk about real fucking damage, when was the last time you had to look for a job? Ever had an employer google you?

It is within my rights as an American to speak out about the 9/11 lies, but as has been proven by many professionals (e.g., Jones, Ryan, Edmonds, etc.), it can cost you your job... or a future job.

So how are you going to sleep at night knowing that you've fucked over my children at some future date because your antics at outing me makes it more difficult for their dad to get a job?

You've repeatedly demonstrated an inability to apologize, so I highly doubt that you will ever find it in your heart to do the right thing by humbly appealing to the database admins at AlterNet to have *ALL* of your postings that out me removed in the hopes that Google's memory of them will have faded by the time I need a new job.

But that would be the responsible and moral thing to do, shithead.

Why is Craig's picture on my blog and facebook page, you ask?

Craig was and is fully aware of the pictures. He was making fun of the picture I did have there, so I figured I would post one that he couldn't object to.

Consider it a token honor for my favorite fan at the time. If I had your picture, I'd be happy to put in there in place of his, so that you would have something that you considered pretty to look at when you regularly checked up on me.