Tuesday, December 29, 2009

[Nader Republican] You can call me "Max"

Remain calm. Don't let them draw you in using their frames, their insults, their dirty tricks.

Did you happen to notice the arrival of re-enforcements assigned to AlterNet from NSA's "no-proof-of-existence" Q-Group? As the team assembles, they pat themselves on the back and tip their hats to squad leader, GuitarBill, by encouraging him to ~not~ be a man of his word and to ~not~ leave AlterNet as he had declared in his tearful "Goodbye" posting. (How Easy it Is to Reinforce People's Conspiracy Paranoia.)

After all, GB's Oracle rational database of postings, references, one-liners, and insults -- all of them re-usable again and again and again by qualified CISSP experts -- makes him an impressive role model for the disinformation warriors.

I find it ironic that GB has been going to great lengths in other discussions to alias-ASS-ociate various participants -- many long-standing like you -- by calling them "Max" (meaning you). So the subject above isn't merely pre-empting him from such deployment of insipid tricks against me. No, my subject line takes it a step further by embracing the charge that GB will undoubtedly projectile vomit at me! He can call me "Max!" And for once, he'll be right! Hahaha!

Such fond images that GB's labeling of others as "Max" brings. Makes me wish that I was the "Max" referenced in his half-wit excuse of a curse. Alas, I was relegated into being called "LeftWright" (and other GB's childish variants) for a long period of time. No GB apologies for having gotten it wrong, either.

You know, in my skirmishes with GB, "embrace it" has often been the guidance provided to me from above, even when it meant tagging my own subjects with [CompulsiveLiar] just because GB lied and said I was. (It doesn't bother me to have my words [e.g., on 9/11] fact-checked.)

"Nader Republican"? Isn't that supposed to be the latest and greatest slur being caste upon those who make GB's list?

You know? That has a nice ring to it. Nader is all about government oversight; he's against corporate welfare. Republicans used to be fiscally conservative.

So not only can GB call me "Max", he can label me a "Nader Republican". After all, I voted for Nader at least twice (but not in 2004 or 2008); I was a fan of Reagan's in the 1980 election. If the shoe fits...

And Mr. Payne, do you know why the Q Groupie disinformationalists are after you? I think it has to do with your reasoned and rationale support of third parties, which you and I agree in sufficient numbers could act in a king-making role in Congress to help root out the rot in the Republicans and Democrats.

The Semaphores for Truth are most active, as they switch support from the neo-cons ("don't say the Bushies, neo-cons, or the government had anything to do with 9/11, or I'll put a boot up your backside") to Obama Democrats ("don't say anything bad about Obama Democrats, or I'll put a boot up your backside.") Of note are the postings from opponents that these Semaphores flag, and not their own fagging... I mean, "flagging"... postings themselves. Yep, the message must have undoubtedly filtered down from on high to the agency to the Q Group to the AlterNet team regarding how the propaganda should read. They have stepped up their game. And as GB has proven through his AlterNet alias's immortality, they reap no consequences for their lack of morals or ethics, for they are charged to win at any cost when they lace up their backside smelling boots.