Saturday, January 9, 2010

Did you say "GuitarBill", aka "SemaphoreFor9/11Truth"?

You inadvertently hit upon a great suggestion. One of GuitarBill's new pseudonyms on AlterNet should be "trollstein".

Or maybe we should have a couple of contests:

  • - One to nominate and vote on his new AlterNet aliases he should adopt.
  • - The other (later) to nominate and vote on the aliases that he really assumed.

Multiple aliases? Of course. Then we can play GuitarBill's favorite game of alias-ASS-ociating which pseudonyms belong to him. Loads of thread detour and distracting fun, don't you think CynicI, Prophit0, and PRC?

Why the games or contests at all? Because GuitarBill didn't just have his hat handed to him, but his ass as well by TwentyTen and winchelenator.

Here's sort of an explanation:

» Dancing like a flying monkey singing "The witch is dead!"

Of particular note to those of us who want to gloat, GuitarBill had in various discussions posted practically verbatim from his Oracle database a posting that used physics and math to supposedly debunk free-fall speeds happening in the twin towers on 9/11. Not only was he called on an error relating to constant velocity in his equations by LeftWright in April, the error was never fixed and was re-posted several times.

TwentyTen found that error as well as several more in the math and physics that a holder of a Master's of Arts in Mathematics and a minor in Physics should not have made much less repeated after the error was pointed out.

winchelenator had him on the ropes about the chemistry of fires and what temperatures the 9/11 fires could and could not have reached.

All in all, the discussion threads in the above article were classic disinformation by the dynamic duo GuitarBill and EncinoM ("Gilligan" or "GuitarBill's Little Buddy") culminating with three (3) of GuitarBill's postings getting yanked and his posting rights as well.

Without any further fanfare now that his old alias is (or damn well should be) retired from AlterNet, I nominate and vote for the following aliases for GuitarBill to assume:

  • SemaphoreFor9/11Truth
  • CompulsiveLiar
  • Q-Groupie
  • Q-Dip
  • Q-Dipster
  • Q-Dipshit
  • Q-Dipshitster
  • trollstein