Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Divide into 2: "Uncle Tom Obama" & "should get the boot"

Dear Mr. Yellows,

If we divide your subject line into two parts: (1) "Uncle Tom Obama" & (2) "should get the boot", I can understand the sentiments of the #2 part. As for #1, I think you're just taking a stick and poking us in the eye. It is rather racists and really has no bearing in this discussion (or any).

I mean, if Obama has sold out, he's sold out -- like many neocon (and other ilk of) criminals before him -- and his & their skin color had nothing to do with it, but rather the color of money lining their pockets.

"Enough already!"

Pay attention to and be part of 3rd parties, because they could become the king makers of government and force into being the practices and policies that we Americans expect of our elected officials.

You see, 3rd parties don't have to win the presidency, nor do their numbers in the House or Senate have to reach majorities. No. All 3rd parties have to do is gain significant numbers such that neither of the other two parties have a clear majority to govern, pass laws, approve budgets, confirm nominations, hold committee chairs, etc.