Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I demand the database entry on the physics of the spire expiring into dust...

If we were dealing with a real person instead of a "composite persona GuitarBill" manned by a team, we could have expected a correction to the free-fall physics entry in the NSA Oracle database as early as April, when it was first pointed out and before he re-posted the error four times (thereby retro-actively losing those discussions, if he hadn't already lost them.) Whether or not we give one of the GuitarBill team members credit for having the supposed Master of Arts in Mathematics and "minor in Physics" (-- what was the undergraduate major: music? --), the retention of said education is what is questioned.

No, I expect that if we were to ask GuitarBill to post the appropriate corrections to his free-fall physics (F in Math, F in Physics, and B done with me please), we'd get the exact same error-filled database entry re-posted here, because no-one on the team populating the database has gotten around to fixing it.

Giving credit where credit is due, GuitarBill probably does have enough brain cells to fix on-the-fly the numerous errors. The only problem is that even fixed, his conclusions were crap. Sure, WTC-1/2 did not fall exactly at free-fall acceleration, but they fell within the margin of error and certainly at an acceleration significantly faster than the inherent resistance of the structure should have allowed, as calculated, predicted, and designed by competent architects and civil engineers.

Don't expect GuitarBill to have physics equations or NIST supporting documents to explain the spire of inner-core expiring into dust, which was probably God himself giving us a smoking gun to wake us up, to ask questions, and to find the God's honest truth about 9/11.

Could that spire (and the towers that surrounded it) have been "vibrated" into dust by HAARP, just like theories claim its directed vibration energies could have caused Haiti earthquakes? Don't know, but it is worthy to consider, as is re-considering Dr. Judy Wood.

Google Videos of "HAARP Haiti"

Haiti EarthQuake H.A.A.R.P 2010

Relating back to the premise of the article and as another Q-drop, Prophit1 was banned from AlterNet for harping about HAARP, Haiti, and the military forces we are planting there.

And why? Could it be hurricanes, flu shots, earthquakes, global warming, and other natural disasters to one day achieve goals of the Georgia Guidestones: "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature"?

Don't know. Just sayin'...