Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nice weasel, Q-dip, but no dice

So EncinoM looks up the stats and admits that his 4% number was wrong. Should have been 4.8%. Big whoop.

It still provides no validity to his main assertion and lie that 96% (or corrected to 95.2%) or simply "the rest of the population looks for hard evidence and facts."

Nope. Looking for hard evidence and facts is the last thing this Q-dip from NSA wants the majority of the population to do! Nope, he wants them to take his word at face value: 9/11 was as we were told. Nothing questionable here. No need to investigate further. ... Hey, we've got more important things to be distracted about than the root causes for the mess we're in being a pack of lies.

Zogby hasn't polled all of America, so we don't know whether 1/3 truther is an inflation or not.

But mister. 1/3 believing that the government is covering something up... that is still a significant number and percentage of the population. Your implied premise is that 2/3 believe that the government is not covering something up (to put them back into the light of being holy and good.) Nope. The stats only state what 1/3 believe.

What do the other 2/3 believe? We don't know. We could be generous and say 1/3 are die-hard believers like you, Ewe-Ess-Ay ... right-or-wrong ... we're number 1... guv-ment don't do no harm to nobody lesson they de-zurv it. 'merikkka: luv it or leaf it up to Can-ey-duh which ain't part of 'merikkka..

The remaining 1/3?

Couldn't be bothered. 'merikas got talent is on tonight, so don't expect me at no HOA meetun' to discuss fixin' our cul-de-sack C-ment, much less to study no evidence nor facts about sum event 8 f-ing years ago that I shopped right thru to foreclosure.

Inflation has bit into the 80/20 rule. It is now 90/10: 10% of the people do 90% of the work, while the other 90% of the people do the remaining 10% of the work.

9/11? 10% of the most active posters who make up 90% of the traffic are made up of 5% truthers and 5% trolls, while the remaining 90% skip over this shit looking for today's article on U2's boner Bono.