Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Third Parties bring the gold to the Golden Age of accountability

Mr. Logan wrote:

"Given Obama and the Democratic leadership's catastrophic performance this past year, the Republicans will soon be back in power."

I'm reluctantly finding myself in agreement with your statements on catastrophic leadership performance. However, it does not have to be a foregone conclusion that this puts the Republicans back in power. With some intelligence and everybodies' collective elbow-grease in getting the word out, power could be yanked from the Democrats but not given to the Republicans (whose lock-step ruthlessness makes them worse)... No... Even a solid showing of 20-30% to one or more 3rd parties in Congress can tip the balance of power in governance towards a king making 3rd party, who will through their weight and votes around as they see fit when they sit fit (back-and-forth if need be) to get compromises and concessions back onto the table which the duopoly tends to sweep off.

Now is the time to investigate and support 3rd parties.

Mr. Logan wrote:

"And Repubs are far less reluctant to prosecute than the Democrats. I have no doubt the Jeb Bush Administration will investigate and prosecute the many crimes of the Obama Administration."

And continuing with the sarcasm, you can bet that the crimes of the Obama Administration that they will finally nail him to the cross with -- after spending millions to investigate -- won't be the Geitner/Gates continuance of fiscal and militaristic foreign policy started with saintly brother Dubya. No, it'll be something like Obama pulling a Tiger Woods as part of his daily gym workouts, lighting a cig after, and (occasionally) the CIA/Secret Service-provided inhaled-and-held blunt before.

This is, of course, after Jeb Bush has sealed into his presidential libraries all paper/electronic trails from both Dubya and Poppy, much like what Dubya did for Poppy, further delaying when their misdeeds will be completely exposed and judgment passed, probably long after they've expired from the planet.

Speaking of expiring, when do you think Obama will have NIST write up a cover-up for explaining this spire of inner-core expiring on 9/11 into dust?