Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feelings Trap. Oh my.

Dear Mr. Plumber writes:
El Once said, “In general, the statements someone makes immediately after an event, as opposed to later points in time, are the most accurate.”

Numerous of innocent people have gone to jail and placed on death row merely because someone picked them out of a lineup because their memory was so “fresh.” Because eye-witnesses are prone to the same mistakes as you or I, we should always take their claims with a grain of salt. They never prove anything by themselves, they should be used as support or looked at after the fact, then we can see if we can make sense of their claims.

I fully agree that eye-witnesses are prone to mistakes. And eye-witness testimony can be manipulated. Ever hear of witness tampering? Ever hear of evidence tampering? Ever hear of report fudging? Lots of tools available to get the story headed where they want.

Mr. Plumber writes:
El Once said, “My feeling is that his “correction” to his statements at a later point in time rings of outsider manipulation that has coached him to try to spin it away from the lack of bodies…”

Thank you for not thinking scientifically and for proving my point by making your “theory” unfalsifiable. The key word, as you so thoughtfully put in italics, is feeling. Nicely done.

You explicitly asked for me feelings. You didn't ask me what I thought or had reasoned. You didn't even ask for evidence.

What Mr. Plumber does next is a cheap shot:
Like any bad scientist, you are fond of your feelings. If being subjective and using your feelings are a form of evidence, then you can prove anything you want, which of course you do because you go on to claim how it “rings” of outsider manipulation. You’re attempts to make sense of erroneous quotes is pathetic. You have no proof that Miller’s subsequent quotes were manipulated at all. All you have are your feelings. Way to investigate.

Mr. Plumber didn't ask for evidence. He asked for feelings on this particular matter. I indulged Mr. Plumber in his little game. O-ooh, he got me. I got caught in his feelings trap, and am now proven to be a bad scientist! Ouch! Drats, that really hurts. Kudos and curses to your crafty little trap that you played me to walk right into. You got me this time, you little bugger you.

Señor El Once

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