Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pretty Weak Nukes? By jove, I think he's got it.

Dear Mr. Plumber,

Your response was very witty and crafty, and made me laugh. Such talent you have.

Mr. Plumber wrote:
Yes, fire creates ash…any questions? Ok moving on. Have you maybe thought that the ‘OGCT’ is ignoring the photos because that’s a trivial detail? Your accusations about it proving millinukes or EMP blasts is quite frankly, extraneous. Why didn’t all electronic equipment shut down when the EMP blast was initiated? You are adding a lot of claims which you have little evidence for.

As long as the pictures are ignored and no attention is brought to them, I agree that they remain a trivial detail.

Why would the pictures that document EMP effects of milli-nukes on vehicles be extraneous? Please explain.

All electronic equipment shutting down is an over-generalization and misrepresents the environment. The EMP in question was intended to be contained within the steel chex mesh of the towers. But, a smaller percentage of EMP slipped out through window slits at certain heights, and to damage all electronic equipment would first have to contend with other structures blocking and shielding as well as the radial distance diminishing the EMP intensity.

What little evidence I have still has to be addressed instead of laughed off. If milli-nukes does not explain the damage to vehicles as depicted in the links to Dr. Judy Woods limited hangout website, please explain how a gravitational collapse does.

What is "fire creates ash" supposed to mean or explain? Ash contains no material that can be consumed by flames and is not on fire, so how would this explain the vehicle damage? Dr. Woods even shows where the vehicles were located using Google maps, in many cases a journey too far for flaming ash.

Mr. Plumber wrote:
On to the vaporization…If millinukes were used then lots of stuff would have vaporized, not just human remains. Why are such large pieces of the building in tact? The core looked pretty solid to me. Pretty weak nukes I guess idk.

You are absolutely correct when you say: "If millinukes were used then lots of stuff would have vaporized, not just human remains." Just keep in mind that millinukes does not equate with kiloton nukes that you constantly envision; they were designed for limited yield; they were likely shaped charges to direct the energy in a useful direction. Testimony and pictorial evidence shows very little of anything that is recognizable as a telephone, a computer, a chair, a desk, a cubicle partition, etc. Could they have been vaporized, Mr. Plumber? And if milli-nukes didn't vaporize them, how does gravitational acceleration explain the massive energy sink that their crushing into nothingness represents?

Yes, please indeed note the large pieces of the building that remains in tact, namely the chex mesh of the outer structure that was needed to help bound the millinucluear side effects. The solid core? Gone.

By jove, I think Mr. Plumber has finally got it when he writes: "Pretty weak nukes I guess idk." By design and intent. For the operation to succeed in moving the giant America into action and in a steerable direction, the nukes could not be large.

Mr. Plumber wrote:
My eyes are open. But you have many more dots to connect my friend. Occam’s Razor eliminates nearly every claim you make. Use science, not your feelings.

I don't need to connect dots. I just need to plant seeds, and your readership will connect them. Occam Razor and science are precisely why milli-nukes remains in the discussion.

Señor El Once

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