Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Witches and Hitler: the Psychology of Truthers

Dear Mr. Plumber,

I love how you start "this isn’t intended as an ad-hominem attack" and then proceed to do just that with references to Salem Witch trials and Hitler in your "attempt to understand the psychology of truthers", as if the 9/11 Truth Movement were a homogeneous caste of people with shared knowledge, experience, and fundamental religious/moral beliefs.

Oh snap! I stand corrected. We do have shared knowledge: Newtonian physics. Good to see that you want us to drown, burn at the stake, or suffer in death camps for harboring such heretical musings.

Your modest but growing body of work on this blog certainly make proud Cass Sunstein, Phillip Zelikow, the NSA Q-Group, and all the disinformation warriors in the employ of the US/Israeli govt. I'll leave it as an exercise to the readers to determine which of the 25 Rules of Disinformation you apply.

Mr. McKee and I love the fire truck. (fire truck)

I also like: (another fire truck) (police car) (another polic car)

Funny. Why have neither you nor Mr. Limey indicated your favorite picture of destroyed vehicles that Dr. Judy Woods amasses on her website?

With regards to both links, please ignore the limited hangout titles and subtitles for the pages referring to spaced based weapons and directed energy weapons (DEW). Just focus on the evidence. On the first link, look at the sequence starting with Figure toast2a to toast4. It shows a parking lot at some distance from the collapsing towers and the cloud of dust rolling in. Then it shows fires starting to burn in various vehicles, but not all vehicles and not paper or other non-metallic debris.

Why have neither you nor Mr. Limey explained -- through your deference to authority and the gospel of the infallible US govt -- how jet fuel and office furniture fires and gravitational collapses cause such damage to vehicles outside the radius of falling debris, particularly when these fires were 80+ stories in the air and were weak & waning before they were likely snuffed out by the pulverized content in the pile?

Of course, Mr. Limey wants us to believe that these fires were not snuffed out, burned under the rubble for months, and melted firemens' boots. Mr. Limey isn't a warlock. If this is truly his belief, he should be Muslim, because this is proof of one mighty Allah!

Seeing how you start and close your article with references to witches and Hitler, allow me to state that not only am I fluent in German, but I have a German copy of Hitler's tiresome tome "Mein Kampf" in my book collection. I figured that it was a good companion to all of my other books on the death camps, given that it provided much of the motivation and blue prints for what the Nazi's implemented... Hey, just like the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) provided the motivation and the blue prints for what the NeoCon's implemented. Coincidence? Cue the spooky Twighlight Zone music.

Be careful regarding simplifying & narrowing your attempt to understand the psychology of truthers to this particular witch (actually, warlock) who carries the educated and pagan opinion (1) that milli-nukes pulverized the content of the towers, (2) that unspent but fizzling nuclear material burned under the rubble for months, and (3) that the EMP from the milli-nukes slipped out line-of-sight and caused the damage to vehicles.

And as I caste my 9/11 hex spell over your readership, I'll tell you up front that there is no counter spell. Not to worry though, because it does not affect those already under the spell (e.g., payroll) of various alphabet soup govt agencies.

Whereas I sincerely look forward to your response, the realist in me knows that you will continue to ignore the evidence of milli-nukes (and corporate media complicity and manipulated imagery), because I can't expect you to have the moxie to address things that your govt handlers haven't had the moxie to address. Despite this, I encourage you to keep building up your body of work, your Zelikow-Sunstein homage. Keep it up, oh mighty Semaphore for 9/11 Truth!

Señor El Once

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