Monday, April 11, 2011

The Albury-Bot

{The following is but one comment on one posting on Truth & Shadows that tackles the subtle deceit of what became increasingly clear was a paid-to-post govt shill. Every website should experience such a bot, but in small measure.}

Dear Mr. Albury-bot wrote:
El Once can think whatever he wants about me, but he's spending way too much time obsessing over banning me to explain why he thinks I'm being disingenuous about anything, and hasn't supported his claim with any examples.
Just saying it is does not make it so. I regularly tear apart your postings line-by-line to prove why I think you're being disingenuous about damn near everything. ... Don't get me started... Ooops. Too late. Here we go. Your last three postings jumbled together and shredded.

Mr. Albury-bot wrote:
Calling me "Albury-bot" and a "liar," and my comments "bullshit" hardly contributes anything worthwhile to the discussion, whether it qualifies on here as a personal attack or not.
Unless of course the levels of bullshit were dissected, not just by me, but by Brian Good. Unless examples of your lies were exposed [more below]. Unless your antics resemble that of a bot: repetitive demeanor, stringing together of illogical assertions, and never deviating from database talking points.
I'd also suggest looking more closely at El Once's posts if you're tired of people engaging in personal attacks, since I've personally attacked no one who's commenting here, and this "Albury-bot" is also tired of it.
And I, too, tire of calling you it. The old expression of umpires -- "I call it like I see it" -- has applicability here. If you'd stop acting like a bot and a Q-Groupie in the subtle deceit that you peddle, not only would I stop with those jabs, I would also most humbly and respectfully apologize.