Friday, July 22, 2011

Duped? Useful? Aye!

Okay, okay. I am partially to blame for the next sequence of events. I repeat often in my work that "all disinformation needs to have a solid foundation of truth in order to be successful." Being banned from LRF cut off my subscriptions and made it very tedious to check up on any solid foundation of truth within the gatekeeping at their forum.

At the conclusion of my first banishment and in a fit of annoyance, I wrote in an email to Mr. Jayhan:
Have no fears that I will sockpuppet back into existence on LRF under a new alias. Our exchanges here are rapidly diminishing whatever value I once attributed to LRF as well as any perceived gained from registering just so I could subscribe to threads as a lurker reader.
I was wrong. Registering just so I could subscribe to threads as a lurker reader does make it easier to monitor its ongoing foundation of truth. I apologize to Mr. Jayhan for going back on my word. I came back as DupedUsefulI to be assured I wasn't discounting any truths that might be seeping out. [These seemingly unworthy actions would not have been needed had Mr. Jayhan not exhibited equally unworthy actions of going back on his word by banishing Herr der Elf without any subsequent infringements against said warnings or decrees.]

Over time I managed to get subscribed to 60 threads on a weekly basis, so that items wouldn't pass me by, nor would updates overwhelm and distract me. A couple of images were posted that merited another look from the perspective of DEW.

But then Mr. Jayhan re-posted a chat with Simon Shack of September Clues (that really was unflattering to Mr. Jayhan, but he couldn't see it from his ad hominem.) In addition, Dr. FUBAR provided a link to a Jayhan debate with a principle from CIT in 2008, where Mr. Jayhan deliberately recycled an insult from half a year earlier that had been smoothed over and resolved in order to take fresh offense therein. Two data points that combine with Mr. Jayhan's public childish flame wars with William Rodriquez and then my banishment. The trend line tracks a gatekeeping agenda.

Simon Shack said it best:
You are losing ground, mate - and you know it. Too many good guys have joined your forum - and you don't know how to get rid of them. ... You are all-too-transparently linked to the Great 9/11 Gatekeeping Community. Your childish attitude is a clear give-away of this fact. ... Why don't you just get another job?
And this is why DupedUsefulI could not be permitted however infrequently to keep poking away at directed energy weapons (DEW). I couldn't be lured by:
If you feel like making a smart ass comment and getting the last word in on this, your membership here will be terminated.
Too bad Mr. Jayhan could not see fit to keep the management of subscriptions alive while banning future posts from me. So little does he value the truth contained within the webside he administers.

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