Monday, July 11, 2011

Swiss Bank Note Shows Elenin/Nibiru?

On purpose, speculation on Elenin/Nibiru runs from one extreme to another. Because Earth will pass through the tail of Elenin that is composed of matter, some venture that the "ELE" in "Elenin" stands for "Extinction Level Event" like what took out the dinosaurs. Earth could face massive meteor showers.

On a more benign level, most spokespeople for the govt downplay this celestial event as a non-event. What is kind of unbelievable in a competence sort of a way is the story that NASA and other govt agencies were surprised by the discovery of this comet [by a Russian (?) amateur astronomer supposedly named "Elenin" to diffuse "nine-eleven backwards" comparisons and ELE]. What? They didn't know? They weren't monitoring it?

An internet friend of mine is writing a book about "predictive programming" and how much of modern events, such as the destruction of the WTC towers on 9/11, was foreshadowed, predicted, and even to a degree planned by Hollywood (and entertainment) productions, possibly as a way to seed our beliefs and our reactions.

With this in mind, take a look at these predictions printed on the face of Swiss bank notes. Has our solar system mapped out as well as the path of another element.

From an internet posting on this subject: The symbols are fairly common in astrology, with the exception of the Earth symbol, although I've been told that this symbol is used for Earth in Switzerland, which is fair enough I guess.

Yep, count the rings of our solar system. Note the orange elliptical orbit and what is almost a fat exclamation point (!), which is really a depiction of the comets tail.

It isn't for me to predict what that event will be. I've read where it will not be ELE, but it could certainly be life-changing and revealing, the true nature of humans on this planet and in the universe, both physical and spiritual. And if bad things come, it'll be of the Karl Rove/Rahm Emanuel nature taking advantage of the opportunity of a good crisis, which we need to be wary of being a false flag.

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Its Halley's Comet.