Saturday, December 31, 2011

Further Postings of Señor El Once

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Señor El Once : Impossibly risky that amateur video would capture the sudden no-planes explosion?


Dear Mr. Good, you wrote:

Mr. Shack, regardless of your belief that some of the videos may be compromised, the fact remains that the danger was so great that amateur video would capture the sudden no-planes explosion of WTC2 that such an op would be impossibly risky. I’m not interested in conspiracies of thousands.

Impossibly risky that amateur video would capture the sudden no-planes explosion?

Nonsense. Quite the opposite. It would be impossibly risky to have something real (e.g., missile, military plane, commercial plane but not of the make & model we were told) flown into the towers. This would have all sorts of audio and visual clues to trigger amateurs to turn on their cameras and focus them in a specific direction. It would be very difficult shut down all of these versions, particularly if they deviated from the official story.

Get rid of a real flying object, then what trigger or clue would amateurs have that they should focus their cameras on the towers to catch the explosion at the right time? How would they know which tower, which tower face, etc. would be impacted?

I know from my own video taping experience, most amateurs would get bored inside of the first couple of minutes of training their cameras on the burning tower.

As a side note, professional video from a news helicopter did capture the sudden no-planes explosion of WTC-2. This particular footage has three versions. One shows nothing. One shows an "orb" with background reflecting around it; probably an attempt to fake a plane but was too difficult given the background. The third masked out the background (harbor), replaced it with sky, inserted a plane flying a different path.

Simon Shack had a reasonable request to read the following page thoroughly.

A great point is brought up that various sporting events have hundreds of cameras trained on the action, yet few ever capture the "money shot", like the car crashing. How many amateurs capture the winning touchdown pass, or more importantly, how many capture the antics of players and coaches on the sidelines or on a part of the field where the ball isn't?

P.S. Do you even monitor your gmail email account? If so, why haven't you responded to attempts at off-list correspondence? If you don't monitor it, I have a couple of brief unrelated questions for you. If you've lost my email, I can be reached through Mr. McKee.

Further Postings of Herr der Elf

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Herr der Elf : Read "Where Did The Towers Go"


Jim Archer wrote August 10, 2011 - 3:34 pm

Want to know what happened to the WTC. Read Dr. Judy Wood, “Where Did The Towers Go”

You will not regret reading this book.

I concur. I originally purchased it knowing that it might contain disinformation, but my plan was to mine the nuggets of truth from it to bolster my belief (at the time) that milli-nukes decimated the towers into fine powder. I wasn’t even 1/2 way finished before I could endorse the book stemming from the awesome array of images correlated to map positions to give perspective and scope to those of us not in NY, with the caveat that if the 2nd 1/2 turned out to be disinformation, we’d still want Dr. Wood’s book in our possession to show our grandkids how our generation was played.

Silly me. I finished the book. Dr. Wood does a great job of presenting evidence and allowing for (high-energy) concepts to be presented without explicitly stating what happened. In any event, she convinced me of directed energy weapons. “Space-based DEW”? That is a misrepresentation of what she presents on the towers, when clearly the destruction (DEW) was inside. However, such space-based DEW shouldn’t be taken off the table too quickly (which was the disinfo intent) for the massive crater in WTC-6, the cylindrical bore-holes in WTC-5, and the flattening of WTC-4 main edifice at a line with its intact North wing.

Finger Pointing at Disinformation's Behind

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This page is not an example of one person using multiple aliases trying to juke the supporting numbers on a debate position on a given forum. The "Maxwell C. Bridges = DupedUsefulI = Señor El Once = Herr der Elf" equation should clear up the alias-equating. Pay close attention to the link on the date to the source material, because this defines where the discussion happened and who particpated in certain discussions. If the link circles back to this same URL, it represents an email exchange.

This page is a mash-up of postings from different forums but with a "spy-versus-spy" theme through its "the other guy is disinfo" pot-shots. I get that. But what nuggets of truth can be mined from the truthful infra-structure supporting the disinformation point?

The postings are repeated from elsewhere to give better context to personalities and opinions of one another.

Maxwell C. Bridges : Seeking Insights into No Planes


Dear Mr. Ace Baker,

I am on the fringes of the 9/11 movement, because evidence and logic leads me to conclude "no-(commercial)-planes" and milli-nukes on the towers. I would be happy to be proven wrong on one or both of these, because no one likes being considered the kook. Alas, the counter arguments to these views have been less than convincing.

I'm presently active as Señor El Once on Truth & Shadows, where I'm defending September Clues.

You were championing no-planes and participated in a biased video challenge. (I forget where I got the link or where it went to.) When traipsing after other leads, your name came up again in another forum. Going to your blog, you made only three postings since 2009.

I am writing to gain insight.

Have you changed your position on "no planes"? Were you burned out with the "focused" attention? Do you have any advice for me in this endeavor to discover truth?