Friday, July 27, 2012

More Absurd 9/11 Holograms

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Señor El Once : "Imagine no plane" thought process


Dear Mr. Tamborine Man,

I know where you are going with the "imagine no plane" thought process, because I was fully there not all that long ago. I radically changed my tune from "no planes" at all (at the towers) to "no commercial planes" (for any of the 9/11 four.)

Friday, July 20, 2012

adjectives applied will be "massive" and "ginormous".

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Señor El Once : adjectives applied will be "massive" and "ginormous".


Mr. Rogue wrote:

Niels did a calculation based on a false assumption, that all of the pulverizable materials in the towers were indeed pulverized — they were not, and this can be proven by they debris samples themselves as Prof Jones points out. Only a portion of the materials were pulverized to nano particulates – that is a FACT.

To pulverize anything into nano-particulates is still a large energy sink.

The assumption that all of the pulverizable materials in the towers were indeed pulverized is worst case. [However, I have doubts that assumption applies in a straw man fashion, but let's go with it anyway.]

So, Mr. Rogue, please do some math and scale back Dr. Harrit's supposition of the "source" materials until you think the nano-particulates and the not-so-nano-particulates output are representative of the actual evidence. The adjectives applied to the resulting initial quantities will still be "massive" and "ginormous".

Thursday, July 5, 2012

call it "electromagnetic energy"

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Señor El Once : call it "electromagnetic energy"


I owe Señor Rogue a debt of gratitude for being my smashing board. By responding to me, he gives me another opportunity to further my argument. His ridicule minus some thinking from July 5, 2012 at 12:14 am:

Eddy scratches, and he scratches well. But that is not currently where the itch is. The question remains: How are all the other metal items impervious to the EMP? Regardless of technical data of the effect of eddy currents. Even the metal walls bearing our famous ‘slits’ would be in direct line.

First, let us not call it an EMP. Let us call it "electromagnetic energy," because this can cover more scenarios. Whether or not it was a single pulse or multiple pulses or a steady stream of such microwaving energy we don't have to determine at this point in time.

Second, the adverb "directed" applied to the word "energy" used as an adjective to modify the noun "weapon" of the acronymn DEW should tell you 50% of what you need to know with regards to your question above. It was aimed away from what they didn't want it hitting, which may include the "spire" [to which I speculate one of the DEW devices was mounted.]

As for the other 50% of what you need to know, the metal items within the targeting beams of electromagnetic energy would also experience Eddy Currents. Very large ones, resulting in lots of heat radiating from the steel. Think of a kitchen stove burner: coat it with something, let it dry, and then turn on the stove: what was on it gets burned off in a stinky haze likely to trigger smoke alarms. The energy absorbed by inner-steel within aim of the DEW would burn off what was coated on it.