Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Contrived 9/11 Holograms with Radar

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Señor El Once : proofs are weak on reference material links


Dear Mr. Tamborine Man,

Your proofs are still weak on reference material links (as are those from the esteemed academic professor, Dr. Fetzer). A quote from some alleged DARPA paper about future plans to project holograms is but a seed that can only grow through water and sunlight in the form of basic research papers, articles, and commercialized endeavors (e.g., YouTube) to which you can point the world.

I reminded you that your holographic speculation still needs to account for TWO sets of radar that have remarkable congruity with 44 or so videos that 3D animation has proven (to my satisfaction) represent a singular flight path.

The funny thing about the premise of "projected holographs" is that photons have insufficient mass to reflect radar pings. If we assume that the radar data is valid, what physical entity caused it?

If memory serves me, Richard D. Hall suggests that a cloaked plane (flying 1400' to the right of the "holographic" aircraft's flight path) projected the hologram. Is this your position as well?

That cloaked plane was even more special than the special planes I've been promoting, let me tell you, because not only did it have enhanced engines to enable it to fly at excessive speeds 1/2 mile above sea level, but it also could cloak itself so that people and cameras couldn't see it.

So while you are digging for the proof that holograms can be projected, don't forget to dig for proof of that Klingon Warship cloaking technology that so foiled Captain James T. Kirk and first officer Spock in the 1960's.

I so so so so so SO want to believe in the viability of holograms and cloaking technology. To be sure, I've seen recent efforts that show cloaking today much further along but not such that it is 100% convincing. I've seen interesting uses for holograms, that just yesterday a colleague demonstrated to me using his little tablet device. But the catch there is that the tablet would need to be huge and fly through the air at 500 mph in order for it to render a holographic plane. Methinks in my joking here that the huge tablet would be visible. Joking aside, this limitation of a holographic medium is one that Dr. Fetzer hasn't solved in his "meticulous and copiously documented" research.

// a naive and gullible psuedo-intellectual

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