Monday, September 10, 2012

Two Steps Backward for 9/11 Nukes Forward

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Señor El Once : the Pavlovian word that got so many 9/11 conspiracy theorists salivating


{2nd attempt}

Two steps backward to go one step forwards? The Monty Python show was famous for this segue:

"... And now for something completely different."

And this posting would have been different, I assure you, had the "Pavlov" word not been snatched from my mind by Mr. Dwil, who wrote such poetic words:

... Bernay (sic) returns from the grave to chortle at your weak efforts to mimic his propaganda techniques... "Bernay" ---- jeez. You three need to do the Pavlov Knee-Jerk (or a Burning Man circle jerk), go find a Denny's (since that's where television taught you to go) - and eat some bacon and eggs. ...bacon and eggs made by Edward Bernay----s.

So what was the Pavlovian word that got so many 9/11 conspiracy theorists salivating and dropping their best lines yet again recently? I don't know, but here are some gems from a self-promoting professor of "logic, critical thinking, and scientific reasoning," Dr. James H. Fetzer:

Typical of this fake... as I have explained again and again and again. This guy reminds me of the ditty, "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" Lying is his area of specialization. Explaining why what he is saying is false can be tedious and time consuming. Think of it. He is probably the biggest liar you will ever encounter in your life.

Repetitiously posting unsound arguments with false premises hardly constitutes disproof.

... you phony shit! You are so hard up for arguments you are doing it in your pants and then displaying your stained underwear here for the world to witness.

It is well that Mr. OneSliceShort has provided links to Derren Brown - the Experiments and Derren Brown - Mind Control. I've been watching some of his videos. My word, sometimes if I don't feel like actors are all around me in this Truth & Shadows forum like in Derren Brown: The Guilt Trip to get me to spout the conspiracy theories that I do, like I'm being manipulated.

Mr. Rogue, who doesn't shy away from having been intimately involved professionally in persuassive visual arts, wrote on September 7, 2012 at 5:28 pm maybe the Pavlovian phrase that pays:

DEW-Nuke-NPT-Digital Fakery-Holograms... all 9/11 Lampoons

*Beep* *beep* *whi-irrrrrl* *nanu-nanu* *beep*

As required by my "digital fakery" trigger, I must start by saying the multiple versions of the "flying orb" video [nothing, the orb, the altered shot, the orb with wings] prove that they were at least trying some digital fakery.

The Fairbanks video was brought up for inspection not that long ago above. Maybe Mr. OneSliceShort can help us with this one. I recall a companion video to the Fairbanks one. One could call it the uncut-Fairbanks, because it shows him and his crew running from one spot to another with camera recording the whole time until, exhausted, he sets the camera down onto the hood of the pickup. We see the man loitering at the store who walks towards the truck and later has his shock immortalized of seeing the last milli-seconds of (allegedly) UA175 entering WTC-2. I am amazed at both the framing and timing of the miracle shot, as if they had been rushing about precisely to get to this pre-planned parked vehicle's location with a windshield reflecting the tower-to-be-hit. Not digital fakery. Media complicity. That's the smoking gun.

I am going to vector away from Dr. Fetzer's freshman-level physics and its limited understanding. In the game of conspiracy theory buzzword-bingo, Dr. Fetzer, the former Marine Corps Officer, still has triggers for NPT and holograms, and thanks to Derren Brown, maybe we know why, and why he's wrong and can't see it. -- *beep* *beep* *bong* -- The theme that is repeated at the upper-levels of the conspiracy theory peddling food chain is having a portfolio that contains some bat-shit wild-ass crazy, so that their larger body of work and any buried nuggets of truth can be discredited in the same go, should the nuggets be discovered and taken seriously. (Dr. Wood has this; Dimitri K. and Dr. Ward as well; even Dr. Jones.)

I must tip my hat to Dr. Fetzer and the "nuke" trigger word, because his Vancouver Hearings has brought Mr. Prager's and Mr. Fox's consolitary work -- "NUUUuuuuggets of TRUUUUuuuuth" as Mr. Rogue has accused me of aping -- regarding a multitude of "directional baseball nukes" to my attention. I've looked through their presentations for the hearings, and I must nod my head in agreement regarding some form of 9/11 nuclear hijinx.

And now for a brief intermission. After my gift of Dr. Judy Wood's textbook arrived, Mr. David Chandler offered his first impressions:

--Heavy book. Heavy pages. Extravagant use of color. Somebody put a bunch of money behind this project.
--I was rather put off by the way she implies she is the only one seriously researching 9/11.
--I'm going to have to read through it with a highlighter in hand. There's not a whole lot I agree with. I haven't gotten that far yet.

I'm only part way through Mr. Prager's two part eMagazine of a few hundred pages: Part 1 [86MB] and Part 2 [56MB]. I must borrow an expression from Mr. Chandler: "Extravagant use of color. Somebody put a bunch of money behind this project." Fonts, too. Layouts. Very impressive. When it gets printed into a real magazine, it'll be in the quality league of Dr. Wood's book, and we may be saying the same things as Mr. Chandler did about Dr. Wood.

Meanwhile, though, it is not printed and with its "eMagazine" name, it is meant to serve an online audience. [Sorry for this nitpick, Mr. Prager, but I find your eMagazine's layout totally obnoxious and inappropriate for the medium and audience. Want to know what annoys me worse that scrolling horizontally in my online experiences? Scrolling zig-zag "down-right-up (repeat for next column)" trying to read a multi-column layout. Having to re-adjust zoom ratios so that I can see the page versus conveniently reading the text is another annoyance.] Don't pay any heed to my humble first impressions of your written productions, so that focus can be placed on...

Nuggets of truth. Nuggets of truth.

Back from intermission.

Dr. Wood and Mr. Prager have overlapping concepts. One of those is that they both in effect advocate directed energy weapons. The difference is that Dr. Wood makes a wide and rather conspicuous circle around nuclear hijinx, and even inserts some unfiltered govt steering in the form of her analysis that doubts the existance of hot-spots. It is somewhat glaring that nuclear methods aren't given more consideration when trying to account for the energy requirements of pulverization and dustification, when surely her research into Star Wars would have brought up Project Excalibur. She lets others frame what a DEW is supposed to look like.

This is where Mr. Prager's work can bridge us, while clearing up misconceptions about what a directed energy weapon would look like, would be capable of, and would produce in terms of short-lived and lingering side-effects.

I expect we'll find errors in Mr. Prager's compilation, but not enough to take nuclear 9/11 aspirations off of the table. The proof is in the dust. The proof is in what little nuclear evidence was addressed.

Two steps backward to go one step forwards?


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