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Vatic 9/11 Special [2012]

This Vatic 9/11/2012 Special intended for the eleventh anniversary is late, because the Vatic Partners are a bit burned out and bummed out. After eleven years, the 9/11 Truth Movement's biggest success is a Colorado PBS station that broadcast "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out".

I certainly respect the courage and the efforts to air this production, and it has given rise to at least three real-life opportunities for me to engage in 9/11 discussions in person where the topic was broached by others. This is the good that it brought.

The bad? Not only did that 9/11 production not go far enough, but it clamped a Denver-boot on it to park meaningful contemplation in the realm of controlled demolition with incendiaries and explosives. It wasn't. 9/11 was nuclear.

In 2010, the Vatic Project said:
The 9/11 Special does not shirk from saying that 9/11 was a nuclear event, that corporate media fooled the world with computer generated images (CGI), and that US Government/Military Insiders, Mossad/Israel, and zionists within the banks and media are the culprits.

In 2011 after reader Dr. Judy Wood's textbook, the Vatic Project amended the above with:
"9/11 used cold-fusion or nuclear reactors to generate the power for DEW that supplied the accuracy and umpth to pulverize the internals of the towers".

In 2012, the Vatic Project takes two steps backward to go one forward:
9/11 deployed multiple neutron nuclear directed energy (DEW) [or neu nookiedoo or enhanced radiation weapons (ERW)] in most of the buildings in the WTC complex. We no longer advocate the No Plane Theory (NPT) with regards to the towers; we advocate the No Commerical Plane Theory (NCPT), which says the speed & precision of the aircraft at low altitude excludes the alledged model but not a special plane-looking-missile. For similar reasons, the Pentagon plane was not the alledged aircraft [thereby adhering to NCPT], and the Vatic Project endorses the CIT flyover theory. The corporate media was involved in fooling the world and did pull some CGI tricks, but we were duped into believing the extent of such media manipulation with computer generated images (CGI) that lead to NPT. The video of the last twelve seconds of UA175 shows with 3D modeling how the videos of the seemingly different flight paths does correspond to a single flight path, thereby destroying our previous NPT and CGI beliefs. We still belief that US Government/Military Insiders, Mossad/Israel, and zionists within the banks and media are the culprits.

We apologize if our wafflings in 9/11 beliefs misled you, or if anything written above proves our duping on the subject sometime in the future. We are only human, and the disinformation has been very crafty to lead us astray. Yes, please do not trust our judgment in this matter, but instead verify for yourselves.

In 2011, the Vatic Project was promoting Dr. Judy Wood's textbook, "Where did the Towers Go?" In 2012, the book remains an excellent addition to any serious 9/11 researcher's library, but with serious caveats. Her collection of 9/11 pictorial evidence, as well as the correlation of after-math photos to map locations is most impressive. However, now we see that her book does have a few errors and omissions, with her tiny brush-off of nuclear suspicions being a glaring one. Her downplaying of hot-spots (and acceptance without challenge of a government report on satellite infrared hot-spots) might even be an example of blatant disinformation. She may bring hurricane Erin to our attention for the wrong reasons and misses the opportunity to expound upon its ramifications: the revealing of active media complicity and of the government's ability to steer the weather. I also have to fault Dr. Wood for a very poor "literature review" in her high-quality scholarly effort. She essentially re-purposed information from her website, much of it stagnant since 2006. She did not take the opportunity in her book to debunk valid criticism of the themes and analysis presented on her web pages (such as Dr. Jenkins). The work of the Anonymous Physicist at the very least would have merited some discussion by the good doctor.

The really important breakthrough in 2012 was Jeff Prager's Nuclear 9/11 Dust Analysis [8MB] as well as his two part eMagazine of a few hundred pages: Part 1 [86MB] and Part 2 [56MB]. I must borrow an expression from Mr. Chandler of his first impressions of Dr. Wood's textbook: "Extravagant use of color. Somebody put a bunch of money behind this project." A tip of our Fedora to Dr. James Fetzer for bringing Mr. Prager's work to our attention. I expect we'll find errors in Mr. Prager's compilation, but not enough to take nuclear 9/11 aspirations off of the table. The proof is in the dust.

Dr. Wood and Mr. Prager have overlapping concepts. One of those is that they both in effect advocate directed energy weapons. The difference is that Dr. Wood makes a wide and rather conspicuous circle around nuclear hijinx. It is somewhat glaring that nuclear methods aren't given more consideration when trying to account for the energy requirements of pulverization and dustification, when surely her research into Star Wars would have brought up Project Excalibur.

This is where Mr. Prager's work can bridge us, while clearing up misconceptions about what a directed energy weapon would look like, would be capable of, and would produce in terms of short-lived and lingering side-effects. Look into neutron bombs.

The Vatic 9/11/2012 Special  is intended to serve as a 9/11 Reference. As before, these rabbit holes of 9/11 neu nookiedoo and "whodunnit" are very deep and twisted.

For those interested, an excellent debate on the subject transpire in the comment section across several articles from Truth & Shadows between Señor El Once and hybridrogue1.

Señor El Once : 2012-09-11 Compelling evidence of a fission pathway [Jeff Prager]

Señor El Once : 2012-09-12 Bashing Dr. Jones

Señor El Once : 2012-10-04 Responding to Dr. Jones [from 9/11 Blogger 2012-09-30]

For your own peace of mind, satisfy for yourself whether or not they have merit. At risk is our entire system of justice.

Why should you care about this eleven year old event today? You should care that the true 9/11 perpetrators are brought to justice, because left unchecked gives them and their successors free reign (again and again) to manipulate us and the world into other wrongful wars and crimes against humanity. Nations fall if justice is not pursued. Only we can save it.

Among the most basic of your take-away action items from this Vatic 9/11 Special, is that you need to be part of the voice to demand an independent investigation of 9/11. After that, you need to be questioning and denouncing all foreign & domestic policy and the right-left political games that are based on the lies of 9/11 ("... because we were attacked on 9/11(?)...") and that seem to scapegoat another [country, ethnicity, religion].

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