Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ticks that Tock

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Señor El Once : ticks that tock into a boom


Dear Mr. RuffAdam, you wrote:

Things are to the point in my 9/11 research that the source of the material I am looking at tends to tell me more about its merits than the material itself.

It isn't that I dispute this. I just urge caution and to recognize the distinction between the 9/11 realm and our daily lives.

The analogy I use is that of a movie critic. I was lucky enough in the 1980's to have media exposure to two such critics who sensibilities so aligned with mine, all it took was a "two thumbs up!" from them for me to not just put the movie on my "to watch" list, but to actively seek out where it was playing at funky art cinemas. Similarly, my professional and personal activities put me in contact with "nice" people whose tastes and styles so differed from mine, I could hardly ever take their (movie) advice at face value. But due to their consistency and sincerity, I could actually come to rely on their opinions in a negative critic sort of a way. That is, in the areas where their judgment was proven questionable, I learned to filter their words into different meaning for my subsequent actions, and also to run their words against those of others while establishing trend-lines.

The important distinction to be made here is that all of those who became to me positive or negative critics [on some subject] were sincere. There was no disingenous bent to lie about their opinions to achieve some nefarious goal [e.g., to get me to chunk down money for a ticket and "enjoy" some movie.]

With regards to 9/11, sometimes the opinions (or analysis) are not sincere, sometimes purposely.

And this is where our tactics for evaluating their works must change.

Specifically, ticks to them and their agenda might become exposed in an ah-ha moment, sometimes purposely, so that it tocks into a boom to decimates all of their works, the good as well as the purposely bad and a large guilt-by-association fallout area.

Good cannot and should not so easily be dispensed with. It must be preserved. Paraphrasing myself: