Thursday, November 22, 2012

Neutron Nuclear DEW

9/11 Tetris

In the game of 9/11 Tetris, the pieces of evidence come down at weird intervals and angles and must be oriented into a "theory stack" that leaves the fewest and smallest gaps. A given piece of evidence might fit equally well in multiple theory stacks. However, all of the valid evidence must be accounted for in a reasonable manner. And to make the game more challenging, disinformation is part of the mix. A piece of evidence coming from a disinformation source is not invalidate by this association. With regards to 9/11 and the shock-&-awe global agenda that 9/11 put into effect, one could argue that all sources of information are in some ways disinformation. Remember that in order to be credible and hence successful, all disinformation must have copious amounts of truth. Owing to this and that some truths are inconvenient to the agenda, some disinformation is fashioned as a straw-man, such that when the deceit of the disinformation vehicle is discovered or purposely exposed, all "Nuggets of Truth" contained therein might be knocked from the table in the hopes of no further public consideration.

When contemplating the WTC destruction, I champion today neutron nuclear directed energy weapons (DEW), which Mr. HybridRogue1 has assisted in crafting the label "neu nookiedoo". The sources for my bastard beliefs are:

(1) Dr. Judy Wood's 2010 textbook, "Where Did The Towers Go?" and her website. Yes, it has disinformation, but it also has the best collection of pictorial evidence and nuggets of truth that need to be addressed by any 9/11 theory-du-jour.

(2) Mr. Jeff Prager's presentation, Nuclear 9/11 Dust Analysis [8MB]. Also his two part eMagazine of a few hundred pages Part 1 [86MB] and Part 2 [56MB]. Disinformation probably exists here, too.

(3) The omissions, misdirections, and logic errors of Dr. Steven Jones starting with his paper "Hard Evidence Rebudiates the Hypothesis that Mini-Nukes were used on the WTC Towers" and extending into his research into nano-thermite.

Allow me to start with #3, because this represents heresy for the orthodox 9/11 Truth Movement (9/11TM) that will be hard to get passed. Try.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ventura Highway into the Weeds

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The smell wafting up from the soles of Mr. HybridRogue1's black boots where "neu nookiedoo" oozes out of his waffle-stopper treads? Wouldn't be happening if he were not so intent on squishing "neu nookiedoo", short for "neutron nuclear directed energy weapons," to prevent rational discussion thereof.

Part 14: Ventura Highway into the Weeds

In these furthering adventures of Señor El Once on theme "Neu Nookiedoo", an unflattering invitation is sent several times from COTO crew. Once there, all four attempts [with links and HTML mark-up] to post something meaningful languished in the administrators queue, while the discussion meandered on.

Prior to leaving, a suspicion of sock-puppetry on T&S was uttered, that then led to all sorts of non-denial machinations that included three fronts of activity, demands to leave the COTO crew area, and censure. What was stuck in the queue initially was approved, but the fourth attempt in Mr. HybridRogue1's home "Scragged" article led to subsequent examples of "operating dishonestly" [heavy editing and purposeful misquoting] that could only be cured by further censure.

Neutron nuclear DEW suggests fracticide between the multiple ERW devices, such that several of them did not reach their full nuclear neutron-emission yield and were left fizzling in the pile. Why this would be so hard to accept, particularly with the many weaknesses of chemical explosives, does not leave many explanations.