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obsolete words for high school graduates

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x177 Señor El Once : obsolete words for high school graduates


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Will wonders never cease?! Every wonder-wench and snoutfair who particpates here graduated from high school or the equivalent! From there, it is anyone's guess the rough and rugged road they took to further their education, be it academic pursuits at an institution or the school of hard knocks.

I don't want to jirble over the complaints of organized education by the spermologers here, because the dreadful curglaff of education is that we always have to be learning and can't be beef-witted about it. A shock-and-awe for me in these days and times is the resistentialism of higher education exhibited by unreasonable debt, which quickly applies slave shackles to all who attempt it (in the USA) despite employment prospects not far above a soda-squirt.

High school math is important in this regard. Today's minimum wage is $7.25/hour ($15k/year), but an inflation adjusted 1968 mininum wage of $1.60 would be $10.96/hour (or $22k/year) [and some argue that it would be $21.16/hr ($44k/year) if it had kept pace with overall income growth in the American economy, and if the US income distribution and US standards of decency remained.] What should really put the snoutfair of wage earners into a pussyvan is recognizing annual incomes LESS THAN $44k/year is less than 1968's equivalent decency standard of minimum wage. The outrage should bubble up the income ladder and piss more people off.

Joe-Six-Pack high school graduates act like California widows and display their own brand of snobbery against formal education that rings a bit like groaking. The issue with academics in our for-profit educational system is that they know which slide of the bread gets buttered and by whom in terms of research funding. It becomes very easy to leverage silence across the board, and to manipulate, smear, control, etc. those with the vaginas to speak up. 9/11 is no exception.

[S]ome highly educated individuals are terribly misinformed and in addition are stubborn about sticking to the misinformation they believe.~Adam Ruff (2013-09-03)

And many highly uneducated individuals are terribly misinformed and in addition are stubborn about sticking to the misinformation they believe (Amen, Brother!), just because someone with a PhD in a focused area "blinded them with science" [or a purposeful misconstrue] they didn't have the background to workthrough or peer-review on their own. They punt to the academic honors and lunt away blunts to the tyromancy studio, like queerplungers hoping academic smarts will be bestowed on them for their curglaff into deep areas.

Zafty Mr. Ruff (2013-09-03), when talking his misinformation about CO2, should first educate himself about greenhouse gases. Contrary to what news pundits and politicians tells him, the experts and academics are much more unified in their climate change views. Because he obviously hasn't studied it and has no research track record, he shouldn't expect to be picked for "peer review". Whether the sun is changing and whether human actions exasperate it, climate change is real.

Mr. Ruff (2013-09-03):

They are self appointed and therefore any pre existing bias that exists in the people selecting the panelists will manifest itself in their choices of who they select.

Take it upon yourself to self-appoint yourself as a peer reviewer, which is within your right as a 9/11 Truther. Maybe you'll be able to englishable works that were purposely meant to obfuscate by bookwrights, if you don't ignorantly "reject everything contained therein".

However, if my reading of Mr. Kevin Ryan reveals to be with squirrel, many other factors relating to genetics and which (private) school you attended go into making opportunities for the self-appointed.

Mr. Ruff can "stick with Joe six pack truther and his common sense approach to research and ... will stick with [his] gut feeling about who is legit and who isn't."

Me? I'll stick with just the truth even in small nuggets, because Joe-six-pack truthers also have a price and become wonder-wench California widows with just a few mortgage payments.

Another zafty queerplunger and wannabe bookwright groaked (2013-09-04) about leach fields leaking back tritium to the WTC (a total fabrication) and then attempts to jirble authority into the spermological tritium report that didn't have the twat to scientifically, systematically, and completely measure in a timely fashion all of the tritium. So whatever "infinitesimally tiny amounts of tritium" that the tritium report offers as englishable is incomplete and (using Mr. Ruff's criteria) ought to be rejected for its purposeful instances of deceit. Can't be trusted, so why does this snoutfair?

I don't know why the soda-squirt of a bookwright (2013-09-03) took offense for being compared to Luntz. Reliance on a faulty tritium report and relentless skewing it (as opposed to rejecting it) is a pretty good Luntz-ish example.

Another beef-witted Luntz-ish example (2013-09-03) from this spermologer is his obvious tyromancy into divining balderdash. The curglaff is two-fold: (1) when my response didn't appear, Mr. McKee was told off-list of my preference [and a different decision might have saved that lunter exposing his pussyvan]; (2) I stand behind and can substantiate my negative assessments that deploy the L-word, the C-word, and the W-word. Here's a good substantiating exhibit of such: 2013-09-04.

Words from a wonder-wench:

Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.~Betty White

Tyromancy told me that the "ruff" and "rogue" beef-witted snoutfairs have been tag-teaming for quite some time, ineffectually and not helped by their pussyvan.


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