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Preparation meets Opportunity

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x188 Señor El Once : Preparation Meets Opportunity


You can always tell when Mr. Rogue's argumentative position is up against the ropes, because both his frequency in postings and his disrespectful tone increase in volume, and he is more inclined to insert a lie or cheat to bolster his losing case.

- 2013-09-09 at 9:23 pm
- 2013-09-09 at 9:36 pm
- 2013-09-09 at 11:23 pm
- 2013-09-09 at 11:54 pm
- 2013-09-10 at 12:21 am
- 2013-09-10 at 2:46 am
- 2013-09-10 at 5:15 am
- 2013-09-10 at 9:20 am

Mr. Rogue (2013-09-10 at 12:21 am) is under the mistaken impression that when he posts in other public venues boastful links to his "works", he can pick-and-choose to whom the "invitation" is intended and who can and cannot read it.

Another mistaken impression that Mr. Rogue harbors is when he insults someone (repeatedly and as his main argument in the debate), he believes that this person is not allowed to defend themselves or correct the record. And should they be so bold, they must do it at his gutter level.

[2013-09-08] "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Here's the backstory to Mr. Rogue's taunts from 2013-09-10 at 9:20 am.

Mr. Rogue was among several who were writing book reports about Dr. Wood's book without having read it, because he certainly wasn't going to fork over money for that which he deemed disinformation based on internet hearsay. His bluff was called. The first part of the gentleman's agreement in exchange for the book was for him to objectively review it for the good, the bad, and the ugly. [Disclaimer: I don't champion it 100%. I wanted it discredited legitimately and the nuggets of truth preserved.] Mr. Rogue ran out the clock for more than a year, at which point he finally admitted that he hadn't read it and was allegedly so frustrated with the content [which should have been the basis for the bad and ugly in his report] that he violently ripped out the 500 pages from this hard-bound book for his bird's cage, making it difficult for his poor-ass to fulfill the second half of that gentleman's agreement: to pass-it-along or pay-it-forward.

Because my aims were to have Dr. Wood's textbook debunked legitimately point-by-point while preserving that which so merited, you can't imagine my disappointment when Mr. Rogue welched on the gentleman's agreement. By all standards, he is deserving of the "weasel" label (the extra Dubya in the "Triple-Dubya" that I have taken to calling him.)

Meanwhile, though, the discussions on DEW-ey topics continued. Whenever Mr. Rogue was feeling frustrated at having his arguments shredded on T&S, he'd slink back here to COTO and compose all sorts of crafty insults and malframed counter-arguments to my points. In his misguided pride at his "accomplishments" on COTO [ad hominem that wasn't tolerated on T&S], he posted links to it. So I came.

Check out Mr. Rogue's over-reaction and outright fear of that prospect.

[2012-11-13] I don't want Señor around me Puddy. I hope that is clear to you. He is bad business. I don't want to see this stranger in our house.
[2012-11-18] I say leave the little spot of piss dribbled by the uncouth El Once. Let the world note what a small person he really is... but let him say no more here.
[2013-11-20] [at 12:34 pm] There is such a thing as a 'Restraining Order' Puddy, when it comes to your own blog. It is at your own fingertips. What more is it going to take? How much more shit are you going to allow this shitheaded clown Señor stir-up? Are you seriously incapable of banning? This has gone too far. Do something. ... [at 8:43 pm] I want to wake both you and Deb up to the fact, the undeniable in your face fact that Señor is nothing but a stalking asshole. ... I warned both of you from the very beginning about this skunk. ... As it stands I have no culpability for the fact of this gameplaying son-of-a-bitch still being here, regardless of Deb buying into his lie that I 'invited him here' – that is simply balderdash. I'm going to say it one more time, ban this fucker. He has no rightful place here. ... [at 9:08 pm] So what does it take to get your attention Puddy? ... This is absurd. How long are you going to let this go on?

This? From Mr. Rogue, who so confidently can argue down (with insults) the best of the trolls? What gives?

Needless to say, my postings on COTO did not merit such antics, nor the out-and-out smear that permeates thoroughly the comment section to his beloved PROLOGUE [even despite the recent pruning.] It became clear very quickly that comments from me, regardless of actual content, would not survive on Mr. Rogue's threads.

About this same point in time, Veritable1 and Boomerangcomesback were taunting me by saying:

Perhaps you would like to elucidate and expound on your "theories" with your own thread on COTO? Go ahead.

So I did: 9/11 Neutron Nuclear DEW (part 1) [2012-11-22] and 9/11 Neutron Nuclear DEW (part 2) [2012-12-21].

+++ End of Backstory

Respectful debate participant that Mr. Rogue is (not), not only would he malframe my points on his thread, but he would purge my efforts at correction. Mr. Rogue started posting disrespectful nonesense to my thread. I deleted them. All seventeen (17) of them... from a single 12-hour period. And then I fed them back to Mr. Rogue as a top-level COTO posting under the title: The Gay Porn of Hybridrogue1 [2013-03-06].

Mr. Rogue wrote yesterday on this theme:

Let us then suppose that the ever "respectful" and "genteel" Señora Maxitwat recalls, and stands by this. It was only March 7th of this very year that this "elegant" and "trustworthy gentleman" posted this delightfully titled little piece on COTO. Of course as smiling fate would have it on this hero in his/her own masked mind, this link is no longer working. And why is that? because JG who 'has never once used the delete button' on any comment until mine on Prologe; deleted the whole post.

[1] There is no such persona "Señora Maxitwat" or "Maxitwat" or other jejune & immature versions on "Max." Please, call me by my proper name "Señor El Once" or "SEO".

[2] Yes, I stand behind it. Does Mr. Rogue? Let's see...

[3] No, it was March 6th of this year. The March 7th version was a misguided and malframed concoction by Veritable1 to cover Mr. Rogue's six, badly. All participants agreed that that version should be buried.

[4] Mr. Rogue was smiling when he wrote "this link is no longer working", but that smile is fading as he realizes that not only does my CYA link work [WARNING: Deep rabbit hole], but the meat of that article below the title and introductory paragraph was pure, unadulterated, trollish Mr. Rogue in all his glory.

[5] Why was the COTO version deleted? Mr. Rogue's 17 comments in row over a 12 hour period -- that he knew when making them would end up in the trash -- did not reflect very well on him when *presto*, suddenly, there they all were, resurrected, standing side-by-side, and proving him in violation of COTO's rules of engagement. Truly, The Gay Porn of Hybridrogue1 as given by the title.

Well before Mr. Rogue's smile faded from seeing this "preparation meeting opportunity", he uttered:

And it is in how all of this is now conveniently forgotten, down the Memory Hole as it were, that leaves me to stand in wonder. Well, I don't know if there is some digital record that can be pulled up on this justly deleted slur of a post offered by the "ever respectful and respected" Señor/Señora ... whichever, but I remember it, and I would wager that a few of the more honest witnesses in this crowd or community might remember it to. One more thing. Let us ask if the "O so honest and respectable" Señor will acknowledge or deny the posting of this article?.. which holds the distinction of being the ONLY COTO article to have ever been removed by management.

First, let us point out the L-I-E that Mr. Rogue is so talented at dribbling out.

My posting of The Gay Porn of Hybridrogue1 does ~not~ hold the distinction of being the ONLY COTO article to have ever been removed by management. Nope. Mr. Veritable1's lame attempt on 2013-03-07 [link doesn't work] using the same title also has that distinction, and by golly if Mr. Rogue's PROLOGUE isn't on the fast track for suffering the same fate, I don't know what is.

Good thing Mr. Rogue ramped up his own personal blog with Carnival d'Maxifuckanus [2013-03-06], so that it can avoid COTO censure. And what a date-stamping coincidence that piece of work [2013-03-06] and its comments [last one this morning] are?

Probably the only thing worth redeeming from Mr. Rogue's blog [2013-09-08]

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

// I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to debate Mr. Rogue.

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