Monday, November 11, 2013

Nuclear 2001-09-11

This piece was written by Maxwell C. Bridges for Truth & Shadows. It addresses the issue of what destructive force could have been employed to bring down the World Trade Center towers. The predominant belief within the 9/11 Truth movement appears to be that nuclear devices were ~not~ used, and that conventional chemical based explosives and incendiaries, including some form of thermite, were the primary destructive mechanisms. But here, Mr. Bridges looks at the reports that substantiates those beliefs, finds them untrustworthy, and points out the deliberate disinformation that has steered our understanding. He documents some of the key aspects of the destruction that can't be explained (e.g., duration of under-rubble hot-spots, tritium measurements, vehicle damage, etc.) without the involvement of some other force. Mr. Bridges is a frequent contributor to this blog under the alias "Señor El Once." ~Craig McKee

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While this article provides a rational sequencing of the sections for the nuclear argument being made, it can also serve as a reference piece where sections are read out-of-sequence. For this reason, some seeming repetition does occur to give context to readers who skim, skip, and hop.

1. Introduction

Mark Twain once wrote:

It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they've been fooled.

This is one of many reasons that make discussing the details of September 11, 2001 so difficult: we've all been fooled by some aspect of it. To top this off, purposeful, crafty disinformation was created, was promoted by mainstream media, and was injected into the 9/11 Truth Movement (9/11TM) to dupe even the best of us idiots.

Apologies in advance: this article itself might be serving up its own share of misinformation, so readers are encouraged to prudentially consume this with a healthy dose of distrust. Verify it, nugget by nugget. And because I don't relish being the sole duped useful idiot on the subject, please correct me where I've been misinformed.

Nuclear weapons were used on 9/11

This article proves the nuclear 9/11 premise by reaching into the maw of disinformation sources and preserving the nuggets of truth. That such nugget-mining efforts haven't already been exerted is testament to the infiltration depths of disinformation efforts. The nuclear argument is cummulative and not completely destroyed should individual nuggets be proven inapplicable or wrong. More importantly, when not proven otherwise, nuggets of truth remain and must be addressed in any theory-du-jour.

Executive Summary

A re-configuration of the neutron bomb ( or ERW: enhanced radiation weapon) was deployed on September 11, 2001. Such neutron devices (a) are a variant of fusion, (b) expel the lion's share of its nuclear yield as energetic neutrons, (c) can direct those neutrons and subsequently some of the blast and heat wave, and (d) may ~not~ leave significant levels of long-lasting, lingering alpha, beta, or gamma radiation. If not measured promptly (<72 hours), such radiation from the neutron devices dissipates quickly. The phrase is coined "neutron nuclear DEW" (directed energy weapon) to describe it. More than several were deployed per WTC tower.

Señor El Once and Herr der Elf

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Destiny can be strange. Want to know the true story of how my Batman-alias came to be?

The eleventh day of the eleventh month, I came into this world. Eleven days later, assassin bullets violently departed JFK from this world. Conspiracy Truth were how the stars & planets were always going to align for me, with nine-eleven (2001) being a klaxon song to rally just another Blues Brother onto a mission from God: "Feed my sheep."

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I became: Señor El Once (and sometimes Herr der Elf).

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