Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hypnotic Suggestion: Nuclear Case Closed

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x18 Señor El Once: Intro: Hypnotic Nuclear Innuendo


If my discussions with Mr. Rogue were a tennis match with energetic back-and-forth volleys, I'd be saying -- and have for quite some time -- "the ball's in your court, love."

The way I see it, our many exchanges early in our relationship helped hone my case. This was laid down in two similar articles: 1. "Nuclear 2001-09-11", 2. "Nuclear 9/11/2001 (for VT)". Since then, my beliefs have deviated somewhat, but these remain core elements of 4th generation nukes. They have not been debunked point-by-point.

Mr. Rogue has authored some rebuttals over time, like a re-tread about the ten characteristics of controlled demolition. Unfortunately, none of the ten characteristics exclude the 4th generation nuclear devices that I am championing. I went through them point-by-point. In fact, the two articles above were built on substantiated rebuttals to Mr. Rogue's debunking efforts. The ball has been in Mr. Rogue's court for quite some time. *sigh*

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Zapruder and a Special Effects Artist

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x5 Señor El Once : Intro: Rising to the Occasion


This posting has the rare feature of me rising to the occasion of what Mr. Rogue put on his blog by actually posting comments, un-published but read and responded to by Mr. Rogue.

The summary is that ludite Mr. Rogue attributed buggy T&S comment sequencing and valid HTML tricks repeatedly explained to "agent hands": my hands.

Mr. Rogue gets his ass handed to him in more ways than one, starting with proof that the juking comment was ironically his own, a knee-jerk response to Mr. Emmanual Goldstein and his brain-dead Dr. Wood's promotion. [Mr. McKee's administrator actions of sending Mr. Goldstein's comment back to the moderation queue left Mr. Rogue's response as an orphan.]