Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hypnotic Suggestion: Nuclear Case Closed

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x18 Señor El Once: Intro: Hypnotic Nuclear Innuendo


If my discussions with Mr. Rogue were a tennis match with energetic back-and-forth volleys, I'd be saying -- and have for quite some time -- "the ball's in your court, love."

The way I see it, our many exchanges early in our relationship helped hone my case. This was laid down in two similar articles: 1. "Nuclear 2001-09-11", 2. "Nuclear 9/11/2001 (for VT)". Since then, my beliefs have deviated somewhat, but these remain core elements of 4th generation nukes. They have not been debunked point-by-point.

Mr. Rogue has authored some rebuttals over time, like a re-tread about the ten characteristics of controlled demolition. Unfortunately, none of the ten characteristics exclude the 4th generation nuclear devices that I am championing. I went through them point-by-point. In fact, the two articles above were built on substantiated rebuttals to Mr. Rogue's debunking efforts. The ball has been in Mr. Rogue's court for quite some time. *sigh*

The disinformation circus being what it is, Mr. Rogue seems obligated to regularly drop his hypnotic suggestion regarding nuclear discussions already having been discussed and resolved, supposedly in favor of no nukes. But they haven't. And lying Mr. Rogue can't reference (a) where these nuclear themes were fairly debated, (b) where these themes were soundly defeated, ~AND~ (c)_ where responses-to-rebuttles were addressed. I mean, if my response to a debunking rebuttle thoroughly trashes that rebuttle and the foundation it rests on, then not only does my final response stand but it also leaves standing much of the original nuclear musings. The ball is in his court.

Having shot his load and standing on the limits of his intellectual capacity, all Mr. Rogue can do is drop his "hypnotic innuendo" about "chemical controlled demolition destroyed the WTC Towers" and the pre-mature "(nuclear) case is closed." Just another one of those stalling game tactics.

At any rate, this collection takes us on one more spin on Mr. Rogue's carousel. My comments were posted on his blog, but were not (nor will they ever be) published and exposed to the world there. Mr. Rogue read them and replied through his blog.

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x68 hybridrogue1 : chemical controlled demolition destroyed the WTC Towers


x69 Señor El Once : sophomoric, moronic, logic mistakes...


x70 hybridrogue1 : Bridges his standard harangue


x71 Señor El Once : overlaps with 4th generation nukes


x72 hybridrogue1 : science fiction tale about nukes


x73 Señor El Once : tritium disputes zero evidence of 9/11 nukes


x74 hybridrogue1 : I proclaim the case closed


x75 Señor El Once : Hypnotic Innuendo.


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M. C. Bruecke said...

Part 1/2
Mr. Whitten offered on April 5, 2016 at 8:38 pm a pat-on-the-back to Mr. Adam Ruff for his T&S message on April 4, 2016 at 3:45 pm.

What is interesting is how much of Mr. Ruff's words really should be aimed at Mr. Whitten:

"For the record if you invite {Mr. Whitten} into your circle of contacts you are going to regret it because the guy is OCD to the extreme..."

A great example is: MAXWELL BRIDGES: DISINFORMANT. Mr. Whitten's only consistent OCD focus in its 373 comments is ad hominem. Nothing on his blog addresses all of my points; the few he did address have rebuttals.. Mr. Whitten isn't interested in a rational discussion, because if he were, there would be back-and-forth exchanges on one or both blogs.

Mr. Ruff continued: "... and {Mr. Whitten} will NEVER leave you alone! Ever."

Mr. Whitten maintains comments under this blog, even though the demerits of this "work" are quickly evident to any objective reader.

Mr. Ruff continued: "I told {Mr. Whitten} many times to stop contacting me and he kept doing it anyway."

Mr. Whitten knows that I am subscribed to his blog entry dedicated to me. By "contacting me", he constantly pings me back to life by posting comments there, by referencing me, and by alias-ASS-ociated me with other people.
// Part 1/2

M. C. Bruecke said...

Part 2/2

Mr. Whitten certainly wasn't the model of excellence in Mr. Ruff's hypocritical statement of March 18, 2016 at 12:14 pm (with minor edits for FGND):

"A truther is indeed someone who finds and tells the truth no matter who likes it or not. It isn't an issue when a truther changes his or her stance when some new information comes along in fact they should change when they are shown to be wrong. {...} Follow the implications of the evidence and say it loud and clear {...} If you don't do that you are NOT a truther. The BS game you are playing here {...} says some very disturbing things about you. {...} Honestly I wish a real truther was there to slap you in the face and tell you how dirty it is to do what you are doing. it makes me sick."

Maybe Mr. Ruff statement from March 19, 2016 at 9:43 pm really reference Mr. Whitten:

"The JREF'ers have been up to no good for a long time that is for sure and not just with 9/11 but you know the NSA's Q group has been at this for a long time too. They use all sorts of dirty tricks to try and tear us down and divide us but you know what {...}? The truth ALWAYS wins in the end."

OCD-me! I did what Mr. Whitten and Mr. Ruff were incapable of starting: objective research and review of DEW and nuclear devices for their state about 2001. Herewith, I fulfill my promise of making available my raw research into DEW and Nukes.

I earnestly and sincerely tried MANY TIMES to initiate a rational, reasoned, researched, substantive discussion, only to be be JREF'ed and Q-Group'ed by the likes of Mr. Ruff and Mr. Whitten. Both have skirted discussions.

So precious was the lie maintained for over two years by Mr. Whitten that he had physically destroyed Dr. Judy Wood's 500-page full-color textbook and used it as bird-cage liner, in order to avoid discussing it. That is oh so El-Oh-El funny, particularly when Dr. Wood's work was never intended, by Dr. Wood or me, to be the end station. Hard to believe that two years ago (2014) was "Laying Bare the Propaganda Techniques and Dissembling" and how it stands the test of time, followed by "to destroy confidence in the reliability of", "to reject as untrue or of questionable accuracy", "Gathering and Sowing", ...

Mr. AWright's tenure on T&S ended coincidentally about the same time as Mr. Whitten's, in good old sockpuppet fashion. Amazing VerityTwo's huffing-and-puffing departure at the same time as Mr. Whitten's booting. And quite astonishing the viscious and irreversible bridge burning (pun intended) from T&S! ... So Mr. Whitten in his Q-Group demotion can spin his wheels in 52 year-old JFK conspiracies.

Mr. Whitten's blog had isolated instances of genius and promise, only to be overwhelmed by his sociopathic tendancies. What a shame.

// Part 2/2