Friday, June 29, 2012

You're the ying to my yang

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Señor El Once : You're the ying to my yang


Mr. Hybrid Rogue makes some valid points. For instance, on June 28, 2012 at 8:57 pm he writes:

It is obvious he cannot make a positive argument to his hypotheticals, without using me as a slamming board.

I have been using you as a slamming board. I have been bouncing ideas off of you. Without you and the errors found in your stilted arguments, my points would not have nearly the traction. You're the ying to my yang. You're the Laurel to my Hardy. You're the Mutt to my Jeff. "You complete me, baby..."

I only comment on Bridges as he keeps jabbing his shank at me. So here is the tip of my shank;

Such harsh and violent language, Mr. Rogue. Not very becoming. You're not being fair, because when you go off-road and into ad hominem ville -- which you have (tried) on numerous occassions against me --, your attacks are more creative and much worse than the tiny, iddy-biddy agency logo I painted on the face of your slamming board.

Mr. Rogue winds up for his round-house joust:

Bridges has no viable argument. This is why he has nothing but counterpunches. If he could describe a clear and viable scenario he would have done so by now.

Before I respond to this, allow me to remind readers that Mr. Rogue previously wrote on June 28, 2012 at 12:11 pm:

It is true, I no longer read [Señor El Once's] book length postings but for a glance.

The skew was when Mr. Rogue gave up reading my book length postings. It must have started a lot earlier, because that would explain his unfounded assertion.

Because my clear and viable scenarios are posted and the failing is by Mr. Rogues own admission his own for only glancing at them, the onus is on Mr. Rogue to go back and re-read my postings for the scenarios that I say he missed.

My earlier scenarios suggested mini-nuclear reactors that powered multiple DEW devices placed at various levels within the towers. They broadcast microwave energy that turned residual water molecules in content (like concrete or drywall) into steam whose expanding volume pressure blew the containers apart, while explosive nano-thermite milli-seconds later chunked out the sections of the outer wall. The pulsed DEW could also be used to ignite thermiberic (sp) bombs to assist with the pulverization. I called this "nuclear-powered DEW"

My newer thinking borrows from Project Excalibur and X-Ray Laser that really specially milli-nuclear devices were used that were designed -- not for blast wave energy or heat wave energy which are the typical desired side-effects but -- for electromagnetic energy that it would channel (ala DEW) in a controlled fashion as above. I call this speculation "nuking DEW" because the nuclear reaction eventually consumes the rods used for directing the energy.

The PR from the car commercial, "This isn't your Dad's [Catalac]!" gets paraphrase for both: "These aren't the public's concepts of how a mini-nuke or nuclear weapon should behave!"

In both scenarios, its radiation signature would not match conventional nukes. And even if it did, the magician's PR trick unfolds.

The more I got into the Tritium reports and its handling, the more I saw that as a magician's left-hand waving about so companion reports on alpha, beta, and gamma radiation wouldn't even have to be brought to light as if they never existed, were never important, don't even ask for them, "nothing to see here, folks. Move along now."

Ryan & Jones' (valid) focus on the six excessive spikes in the release to the atmosphere of chemicals was the magician's left-foot to distract from the fact that the average hot-spot temperature and duration between the spikes wasn't even mentioned or analyzed as if [average hot-spot temperature] didn't exist so had no source! Dr. Wood used unchallenged thermal reports from the govt to cast further doubt on even the existance of hot-spots. To which Mr. Rogue promotes "salting."

Mr. Rogue, unable to sleep, consumes four hours of thinking to come back with his June 29, 2012 at 1:03 am second rejoiner. It begins with his earlier words:

Explosive demolitions of structures have a known set of specific characteristics, and a set of these were in full display in the destruction of the World Trade Towers. It is pure pretense and conjecture to propose that a DEW would duplicate these very specific signature characteristics.

I replied:

Such mutually exclusive pitter-patter mumbo-jumbo nonsense!

Mr. Rogue tries to come back with:

Yes “mutually exclusive,” is precisely the point of forensic analysis of signature characteristics. It is what defines the signature. Like your mutually exclusive signature in your handwriting under the magnifying glass of an expert analyst, like your mutually exclusive fingerprints.

I reply in a similar fashion:

Such mutually exclusive pitter-patter mumbo-jumbo nonsense!
Having spent much of your professional career in animation, ever hear of overlays or layers? You use one transparency layer to define the motion of character X, and use another transparency layer to host the background. They get overlayed to produced one image with character X on the desired background.

Music does the same thing: drums on track 1, guitar on track 2, vocals on track 3, etc. They get overlayed together onto one track and produced into the music heard in the commercial product.

It is entirely possible for me to touch an object with my thumb, for someone to put tape over that, and for you to touch the object on the tape at the same spot and for both of our thumb prints to be overlaid but with each print being distinguishable (by computers).

It is entirely possible for me to sign my name on a piece of paper and for someone else to sign their name right over the top, and both would be super-imposed and legible.

9/11 didn't have one signature, one fingerprint, one track, one overlay, one source for the destruction. It had many. You point out one, so that the other one that is overlaid, underlaid, always present isn't discussed: nuclear evidence.

To prove my point, you conluded with this wonderful gem of an ad hominem overlaid on your case to really put that final nail in the coffin of your case:

The only “pitter-patter mumbo-jumbo nonsense,” is the high pitch anal hurlant squall attempting to drown out the validity of such standard forensic science.

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