Friday, July 11, 2014

Gathering and Sowing

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x10 how to gather, how to sow


Religiously fanatic to Truth that I am, inspiration comes from a partial verse to a hymn:

... How to gather, how to sow, how to feed Thy sheep...

I am so honored to have Mr. Rogue devote two threads to me: Carnival d'Maxifuckanus [started 2013-03-06] and MAXWELL BRIDGES: AGITPROP DISINFORMANT [started 2014-07-08].

Alas, "the gathering and sowing" efforts could use much refinement.

Mr. McKee wrote July 8, 2014 at 3:20 pm:

I’m (not) necessarily hostile to the (nuclear) topic. I’m hostile to how this topic ruins threads on this blog.

The deceitful Mr. Rogue writes July 12, 2014 at 12:09 am

As a participant that had a great number of comments deleted, ... my point always being that the topic to remain unmentioned, should indeed remain unmentioned. It has been a disruptive matter for quite awhile.

Mr. Rogue did have "a great number of comments deleted." Rough estimate: More than FIFTY (50) between June 26 and July 8.

Me? I had all of FIVE (5) postings deleted, not counting the accidental posting (through email) and not counting a 2014-07-08 comment that did not make it out of the moderation queue.

2014-06-26 couldn't resist cranking the neu nookiedoo carousel
2014-06-26 unable to satisfy the least and slightest request
2014-06-27 Why does Agent A.Wright ignore me so?!!!
2014-07-06 the Kevin Ryan paradox redux
2014-07-07 Master Aye-Wright-Kenobi
2014-07-08 quality of the fine comment [never published]
2014-07-08 email into an accidental comment [shouldn't have been published]

The ratio TEN-to-ONE (or SEVEN-to-ONE) ought to be indication enough about who was purposely trying to ruin threads on T&S. And Mr. Rogue's hostile activities will assure that "the topic to remain unmentioned, should indeed remain unmentioned".

We can expect Mr. Rogue to try the old mustelid manuever: "It's not about the posting count, but the word count!" One comment, however long, can be easily skipped. But when a participant launches a hostile attack with ten responses to each comment from another, spanning a whole range of sociopathic attacks; when that participant commands 52.9% of the 523 published comments: some other defarious agenda is afoot.

And talk about crank, crank, crank! On top of all of this, as near as I can tell, Mr. Rogue made ~84 comments to his Carnival posting (6/26-7/9), ~50 comments to his Disinformant posting (7/9-7/13), and ~7 postings to his "Controlled Demolition" posting (6/29-7/13)... mostly in dubious preparation for later.

Mr. Rogue writes 2014-07-12:

Justified Ad Hominem: A person’s arguments define that person. When a person’s arguments are found to be constantly disingenuous, it is justified to point such out, to describe such an MO. It becomes a new level in argumentation when this happens. It is not that the issues and points are ignored, it is that they are combined with the history of spurious game playing with such points and illustrating this.